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What are Morningstar's News Alerts?
Morningstar's News Alerts allow you to keep up-to-date with company news, as it happens. Receive Regulatory News Announcements for the companies that you are interested in, direct to your inbox.
How do I stop receiving alerts?
Visit the News Alerts page, and simply select the companies whose alerts you no longer wish to receive, then click "Delete".
Can I have alerts sent to a different email address other than the one I registered to Morningstar?
At present, alerts can only be sent to the email address that you have provided to Morningstar in your registration details. You can change this email address by editing your profile.
I can't find the company that I am looking for?
At present, you may only setup alerts for companies listed on the London Stock Exchange which have ordinary share capital. Companies that are traded in the UK but registered abroad are not covered presently.
How can I get Dow Jones News and Regulatory News for companies?
Enter the name of the company in the Morningstar search box (located at the top of the website) and select it from the dropdown menu. Once you are on the Overview tab of the Morningstar Stock Report click on the “News” tab (between “Broker Sentiment” and “Owners”). Filter “All News” by clicking on the main heading (Dow Jones News or Regulatory News). Click on “Previous Stories…” underneath the last news item to read earlier stories.
How can I get RNA (Regulatory news Announcements) for the entire Market?
Click on the “Equities” tab from the main tabs menu. On the central column of the Equities page you will see the following headings: “Equity Tools”, “Corporate Actions”, “Daily Performance”, “FTSE Index Shares” and “News and Events”. You can find “Regulatory News” under “News and Events”.
How can I get market news?
Click on the “Markets” tab from the main tabs menu. In the middle of the website you will see the “Market Links” section, the fifth item of which is “Market News”.
How can I set up LSE-listed company alerts on Morningstar?
Firstly, make sure that you are logged in so the website will recognise you. Then, click on “Equities” from the main horizontal menu and then on “Alerts” (immediately below “Equities”). You can then enter the name of the LSE listed company in the “Add a New Alert” blue box located at the bottom of the page and choose the type of alert (Price, News) you would like to set up.   If you wish to stop receiving the alerts, click on the green dot (on the right of the relevant alert) and it will become red (which will stop the alert) or tick the box next to the alert and then click “Delete” from the top left corner in order to delete the alert completely.
Why are my regulatory news and alerts delayed?
On, individual and professional investors can not only read regulatory news from the London Stock Exchange but can also set up alerts to receive the news by email. Due to changes made to the London Stock Exchange's RNS terms of agreement in April 2015, regulatory news and alerts on are available in real-time only to individual investors; professional investors will experience a delay of 60 minutes. In order to provide professional investors with real-time regulatory news and alerts, Morningstar would be required to provide the LSE with the contact details (name, email, physical address, IP address, etc) of all professionals accessing real-time news, in addition to paying an extra fee to the LSE for professional access. Protecting the privacy and data of our customers is of paramount importance to Morningstar. We do not share customer details with any third party. It is for this same reason that professional investors only have access to share prices that are delayed by 15 minutes on Alerts can be activated and deactivated in the Alerts Centre (login required).
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