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Morningstar Fund Quickrank Help: Rank Funds by Performance, Risk, Ratings
The Morningstar Fund Quickrank lets you screen and rank's database of funds. There are many versions of the Fund Quickrank: an Open-End Fund Quickrank, an ISA-eligible Fund Quickrank, a Life and Pension Fund Quickrank, an ETF Quickrank and an Investment Trust Quickrank, that includes close-end funds. Here is how you can use the Fund Quickrank: choose a Morningstar Category from the first pull-down list to see funds that are similar in investment strategy. Select a fund company from the Company Name drop-down list to see funds available from a particular investment manager. Select a universe from the All Funds drop-down to hone in on a type of fund. Enter a phrase in the text field to see all funds with that word in their name.  Click Go to see a list of funds that meet your criteria. Select a column heading to rank the display. If you wish to see additional data, click on Short Term, Performance, Portfolio or Fees & Details.
Morningstar Fund Screener Help: Screen Funds by Performance, Risk, Ratings, Portfolio Data
There are three versions of the Morningstar Fund Screener: an Open-End Fund Screener that includes open-end funds, ETFs, and ISA-eligible funds, a Life and Pension Fund Screener, and an Investment Trust Fund Screener. Here is how you can use the Fund Screener: find funds by selecting any or all of the criteria listed on the fund screener. Short descriptions of each datapoint are provided for easy reference, but you can also visit our glossary for more extensive information. After you have set up your search criteria, you can then run the screening by clicking the Search button. Within the results page, you can display your funds in one of five different views: Snapshot, Short-Term Performance, Long-Term Performance, Portfolio, and Fees & Details. This is an easy way to compare the funds without having to print out each fund's report.
Morningstar Fund Compare
This tool will allow you to compare information for up to five funds at a time. Please enter the name, ISIN or ticker of each fund in the Search box and you should immediately see the list of funds that most closely match what you have typed. Click on the fund you are looking for and you will get an overview of the fund. You can also run the search by clicking on the magnifying glass icon under the ‘Enter name or ISIN’ box.  This option will show you more parameters in order to screen for funds that you want to compare.  Once you have set up the criteria, please click on the Run symbol on the right of the lowest box. This will show you all of the funds corresponding to the parameters you have chosen. Select the fund you want to compare. You will then be able to compare all the funds according to five different categories: Key Statistics, Performance, Volatility, Portfolio and Operations.
How can I find an article that I read on
Please select Funds from the main navigation bar and then click on the Fund Commentary tab from the list on the left of the page. Once you are in the Article Archive page you can browse articles by category, date and words or phrases.
How can I research Unit and Investment Trusts?
Select funds to research using the “Fund Screener” and “Investment Trust Screener” tools for open-end funds and unit trusts, first select the ‘OEIC/Unit Trusts’ tab on the main tabs menu and you will then find a link to the Fund Screener in the middle column under ‘Investment Tools’. To search for investment trusts that meet your criteria, first visit the ‘Investment Trusts’ tab and you will then see a link to the ‘Screener’ in the middle column. Use different filters (category, sector, Morningstar Rating, risk and return) to find funds that meet your needs.
How can I view a quick list of suitable investment products?
Morningstar’s ‘Quickrank’ tools allow you to quickly rank the investment vehicles in our database, whether it’s unit trusts, investment trusts, shares or ETFs that you’re looking for. We have a Quickrank tool for each asset type, links to which are located in the central column of the relevant tabs (OEICs/Unit Trusts, ETFs, Investment Trusts, Equities). You can also find all these tools on our Tools tab. Within these tools simply make your category or asset type selections, run the search, and rank the results by clicking on a header column such as ‘Performance’.
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