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Why am I being asked to go to in order to manage my alerts?
Ever since Morningstar’s acquisition of the Hemscott businesses, we have been evaluating our current Hemscott service in conjunction with client needs and expectations. Our ultimate goal is to offer a top quality service for UK investors on Migrating the News Alerts is one important milestone in the process.
Will I have to set up all my alerts on Morningstar again?
No. All your alerts on have been automatically migrated over to To view them, please login to the Morningstar Alerts Tool.
How do I access the Alerts tool on Morningstar
You can find the Morningstar Alerts Tool by clicking the ‘Alerts’ link at the top of the Equities section or the Tools section. You will be able to login with your e-mail address as your username and your password as your password.
I’ve forgotten my password. What should I do?
Please click ‘forgot your password?’ on the Membership page. Submit your e-mail address and instructions on how to reset your password will be sent to your inbox.

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