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    Professional Investor Articles

    All the latest news and analysis on topics affecting financial advisers and professional investors

  • 2021 image

    What's Coming Up for Investors This Year?

    There's plenty going on in the investment world this year. Morningstar's Andy Pettit looks at regulation, value assessment reports, tax changes and ESG

  • ESG screening

    How ESG Screening Helps With Investment Decisions

    Inflows into sustainable funds are on the rise globally and ESG considerations are becoming a standard part of every investment decision. Here's how screening can help investors make decisions

  • lightbulb

    Key Themes for ESG Investing This Year

    What’s on the horizon for sustainable investing this year? Find out what key trends are likely to impact the ESG space in 2021 and what it might mean for you.

  • Pound notes

    How Fund Fees are Falling

    European investors are paying less in fees, on average, than ever before. How is that affecting their investment choices?

  • London Skyline

    How Markets Around the World Stack Up

    Morningstar’s analysis of global disclosure structures highlights the importance of transparency around investments and incremental improvements

  • Dice 300 y 100

    How to Benchmark a Multi-Asset Fund

    It can be difficult to judge the performance of multi-asset funds, says Dan Lefkovitz, but Morningstar Target Allocation Indexes aim to set a standard

  • Sustainable ESG 300 by 100

    Bringing ESG Into Focus

    Morningstar has launched the ESG Commitment Level tool to help investors assess the commitment of funds and asset managers to ESG factors. Here's a look at how it works

  • Wind farms new 300

    ESG Investing - How to Navigate the Jargon

    Many people would like to consider ESG factors when investing but don't know where to start, and the lack of clarity about terms doesn't help

  • Piggybank 300 by 100

    Could Baby Bonds Get Kids Saving?

    Child trust funds and Junior Isas were designed to build savings pots for your people. But could Baby Bonds be the way to close the wealth gap?

  • Coronavirus 300 by 100

    Financial Planning Post-Covid

    The Covid-19 pandemic has flipped many people's retirement plan on its head. It’s time to rethink what our financial goals can and should look like

  • Stock market chart 300 by 100

    Does my Fund Invest in Derivatives?

    VIDEO: New tools on Morningstar's fund view will allow investors to delve deeper into funds to work out exactly where their money is being invested

  • Gold MQR 300 by 100

    What is the MQR?

    VIDEO: The Morningstar Quantitative Rating is being rolled out across thousands of funds. Here's what you need to know

  • Woman holding globe ESG 300 by 100

    How Asset Managers are Embracing ESG

    Appetite for ESG investing is growing, but it's often still difficult for investors to determine exactly what a sustainable fund does. Could tighter regulation help?

  • ESG green abstract 300 by 100

    How Advisers Can Discuss ESG With Clients

    Research shows that investors can incorporate their ESG preferences and also earn strong returns. Advisers must learn to talk about ESG if they want to help these clients

  • Morningstar office 300 by 100

    Are Funds Good Value?

    VIDEO: Morningstar's director of policy research, Andy Pettit looks at what the latest fund value assessment reports mean for investors, especially in relation to fees

  • Morningstar Direct

    Morningstar Direct

    Morningstar Direct is an investment analysis platform built for asset management and financial services professionals. Turn your investing vision into action.

  • Data 1

    Data Feeds

    The data you need in one place. See how Morningstar's data feeds can help you help investors build a better financial future.

  • Research 1

    Morningstar Research

    Get Morningstar Research through our analysis platforms and other ways that integrate with the way you work.

  • New question mark 300 by 100

    4 Key Questions for IFAs

    Financial advisers are guiding investors through the worst market meltdown in decades. So what are some of the most commonly asked questions by IFA clients at the moment?

  • Brexit 300 by 100

    Why Brexit Still Matters for Fund Investors

    UK investors continue to enjoy a wide choice of EU funds despite Brexit, but regulators are working on what happens when the transitional period ends in 2021

  • Number 5 five 300 by 100

    5 Things to Know About Regulation

    Morningstar's latest Global Investor Experience study compares how regulation and taxation policies impact the investor experience across 26 different markets

  • MIM blank 1

    Managed Portfolios

    Using Morningstar Managed Portfolios , you can deliver professional portfolio management and tools to investors that help them stay on track to meet their goals. Our investment management and support teams are ready to keep you up-to-date on our latest thinking.

  • ESG 1

    ESG investing

    Stand out in front of investing trends. Address changing investor preferences by considering sustainable investing factors when considering or creating investments.

  • Indexes 1

    Morningstar Indexes

    We draw on our independent research ecosystem to inspire new Morningstar Indexes and drive outcomes that investors value.

  • Solar panels 300 by 100

    European Green Deal Marches Forward

    The coronavirus and Brexit negotations haven't knocked off course the European Commission's plans to push forward with its Sustainable Finance Action Plan

  • Pound coins and notes 300 by 100

    How to Invest for Income

    A regular income is important to many investors, but it's important to look beyond yield when choosing the right funds for the job

  • Suitcase money 300 by 100

    How Fund Value Reports are Helping Investors

    The first batch UK fund “assessment of value” statements may be uninspiring, but they are unlocking new value for investors

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