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What is Morningstar Premium?
Morningstar Premium is a new subscription-based investment research service dedicated to investors in the United Kingdom.  It aggregates some features already familiar to users of, as well as introducing a number of new investment tools and data.  It also draws in the elements of the Premium service. Hemscott is a Morningstar company.  
What are the benefits of signing up to Morningstar Premium?
Morningstar Premium delivers a wide variety of investment data, news and analysis including: Portfolio Manager
Create up to 10 fund portfolios with holdings analysis functionality
  • Investment Goal Calculator
    Utilising standard portfolio theory, find the probability of meeting your investment goals under different market scenarios
  • Fund Research
    • Access Morningstar’s independent expert opinion on over 500 of the most popular investment funds available to UK investors
    • Investment data on over 13,000 funds
  • Stock Research
    • Access Morningstar’s independent expert opinion on over 1,000 listed companies
    • Stock forecasts from a panel of over 55 brokers
    • Track and filter companies by director dealings
    • Investment data on over 7,000 stocks
    • Regulatory news indicators
    • Corporate events, including earnings releases and dividend dates
    • 10 years of company financial data, readily exportable into Excel
Click here to see the full list of Premium features.
Can I expect to see additional features added to the service in the future?
Yes. Enhancements to our investor websites and Premium website are ongoing and in large part informed by user feedback. We encourage users to let us know how they use the service and what they would find useful in the future.
How does the Morningstar Premium service in the UK differ from Morningstar Premium services in other countries?
Each country offers content and tools that are tailored to the local investor audience. The Morningstar UK Premium service therefore emphasises funds available for sale in the UK, UK-specific data, and commentary that tackles the issues facing investors in the UK.
What Morningstar Premium price plans will be available?
Morningstar Premium will be available in monthly, 1-year, 2-year and 3-year plans; the longer plans will be offered at a lower average monthly price. Standard subscription to Morningstar Premium will cost £19, £159, £289 or £399, for the respective time periods.
I am an existing (US) Premium subscriber. Should I also subscribe to Premium? Premium will seek to offer a very similar service to that of Morningstar US. Both services source data and research centrally and use the same methodologies. Consequently, it would be useful for investors to subscribe to their local Premium service to be able to enjoy the most relevant securities, content and tools. However, Premium does not yet fully match the features of Premium. If you are a Premium subscriber and also wish to enjoy the benefits of Premium, please contact us to receive a 50% discount off the subscription price.
Why am I being asked to provide my credit card details at the beginning of the free 14-day trial period?
Providing your credit card details servers a couple of goals. Firstly, allowing us to confirm the authenticity of your details. Secondly, saving you the trouble of going through another registration process at a later stage. We reconfirm that we will NOT charge your credit card before the end of your 14-day trial period.
Can I enjoy the benefit of a free 14-day trial more than once?
You are entitled to a free 14-day trail every six months. This should allow you to explore any new Premium features that we have added since your last Premium subscription.
Will my trial subscription automatically convert to a paid-for subscription at the end of the trial period?
Yes, unless you choose to cancel your trial before the end of the trial period as described below.
Will my subscription automatically renew at the end of my current subscription?
Our subscribers tend to subscribe to Morningstar Premium for the long-term. We therefore automatically renew subscriptions. If you do not want your subscription to automatically renew, please contact Customer Support who will be happy to change your settings.
How can I cancel my trial or opt-out of auto-renewing an existing subscription?
Simply contact our Premium Support Team at 020 3194 1075, Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm at least two business days before the end of your trial period / current subscription.
Will I be notified once my subscription starts (i.e. trial period ends) or renews?
Yes, we will send you an email notification and attach the appropriate invoice (in PDF format) once payment has been taken.
If I take advantage of a discounted Premium subscription, how much will I be charged for when my subscription renews?
Any discounts only apply to the first subscription – any renewals will be charged at the standard rate at the time of the renewal. This is another reason to select a longer subscription period - you maximise the effect of the discount, on top of the inherent discount of a longer period subscription vs. a shorter one.
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