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I forgot my password. What should I do?
Please select Forgot your Password? on the Membership page, submit your e-mail address and an e-mail with instructions on how to reset your password will be sent to your inbox.
Can I change my password?
Yes. Once you have logged into our website, you can change your password by simply clicking Change Password on the Membership section. Please remember that your password must contain between 6 and 15 characters and that the password field is case-sensitive.
How can I change the email address that I use to login to Morningstar?
Please log in using the email address that you signed up with and click on the Membership Tab. In the Email and Verify Email boxes, please type in the new email address that you would like to use. Once you have entered your new email address, please click on Save at the bottom of the page. The next time you visit, you can use the new email address as your login.
What should I do if my e-mail address already exists in your system?
You have probably already registered as a user for one of our services. Please select Forgot your Password? from the Membership page and submit your e-mail address. We will then send you your username and password in an e-mail.
How can I unsubscribe from Morningstar’s newsletters?
Please login to your Morningstar account and click on the Membership tab, where you will be able to see the newsletters you are currently subscribed to. Please deselect the tickbox next to the newsletter type and click on Save.
How can I change my account details (e-mail address, credit card details, etc.)?
To change your e-mail address or password, log in and then click on ‘My Account’ (top right corner of the website), click on ‘Edit’, update your details and then click ‘Save’. To update your credit card details, log in to ‘My Account’ in the same way and then select the subheader ‘My Account Information’. You can then click ‘Edit’, update your details, and ‘Save’. To update your newsletter subscriptions, within ‘My Account click on the ‘Newsletter subscription’ subheader, from where you can tick or untick the relevant newsletter subscriptions. Be sure to click ‘Save’ when you’re happy with your selections.
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