Your January Financial To-Do List

In this new series we look at which financial matters you need to focus on each month. Here's your financial to-do list for January

    • Holly Black

      Investment Board: What is a Credit Score?

      What's a credit score, how can you improve it and is there really a blacklist? We're at the whiteboard to bust some credit score myths

    • Pensions

      Don't Walk Into This Pension Tax Trap

      The MPAA is the pension allowance most likely to put a spanner in the works of your retirement plan. Here's what it is and how to avoid it

    • Goals

      How to Set Financial Goals - And Stick to Them

      How do you set financial goals and make sure you actually stick to them? Here are five easy steps 

    • Rebalancing Big

      How to Rebalance Your Portfolio

      The best shape for your portfolio changes with your financial needs and personal goals, which means rebalancing your investments is essential. Here’s how you do it

    • percentage sign

      Should You Borrow Money to Invest?

      In the latest in our series on personal finance, Morningstar’s Christine Benz tells us some reasons not to borrow money to put it in the stock market

    • Binoculars

      When to Use a Tracker Fund

      Investors have poured billions into low-cost passive funds in recent years, but does it always make sense to choose a tracker? Here are some things to consider

    • dollars and scissors

      5 Reasons Not to Hold Too Much Cash

      Cash has been king this year as savings balances swell and the economy wobbles, but it's not a great long-term proposition to reach your goals

    • question mark

      What is an Isa?

      VIDEO: What is an ISA, what are all the different types, and which one is the best for you? We're back at the whiteboard to explain

    • panic button

      Are You Making Good Financial Decisions?

      Seven questions to ask yourself before you invest

    • Pound symbol thumbnail

      Should Retirees Invest in Stocks?

      An annuity used to be the simple solution for most retirees but the pension freedoms and ultra-low interest rates mean staying invested in the stock market could be the right choice for you

    • binoculars

      Is Renting Throwing Money Away?

      Home ownership is a priority for many savers, but renting can provide flexibility and freedom. We look at the pros and cons of renting and owning a home

    • Back to school 2020 article

      How to Teach Kids About Money

      Talking about money can be difficult, but it's important. Here are some tips on how to get the conversation started with kids

    • Forklift truck saving coins article

      How Much Should I be Saving?

      The 50-30-20 rule can be a good rule to start a good savings habit but you also need to consider what you're saving for

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