Isa Week 2021

Is a Lifetime Isa Right for You?

Lifetime Isas can be a great option for first-time buyers or those saving for retirement, but make sure you understand the rules before you open an account

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      Top Cash Isa Rates for 2021

      With interest rates so low, it pays to search around for the best Cash Isa rates. Here are the top rates on the market at the moment

    • Piggy bank with a million pounds

      Can You Really Become an Isa Millionaire?

      For those who can max out the £20,000 annual Isa limit, becoming a millionaire is fairly easy. But what chance for the typical saver with less to spare?

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      What Are Lifetime Isas?

      Fancy a £1,000 a year bonus for 32 years? The Lisa could help you on to the property ladder, but there are strict terms attached over withdrawals

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      Everything You Need to Know About Isas

      The Individual Savings Account is now in its 22nd year. How do they work and what are the benefits?

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      Junior Isas Explained

      Parents can put up to £9,000 in a Jisa, but how much of that should go into cash or equities?

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      Junior Isas: Pros and Cons

      VIDEO: Junior Isas are a great way to save for children, but parents may be rightly concerned about what their child will do with the money in the future

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      3 Funds for Your Isa

      After a volatile year, investors may be wondering how best to position their Isa. We look at some of the options

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      The Pros and Cons of Cash Isas

      There's around £300 billion sitting in Cash Isas but with interest rates at rock bottom, many savers will wonder whether it's worth opening an account

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      3 Passive Funds for Your Isa

      Passive funds can be an excellent foundation for an investment portfolio, particularly for those keen to keep costs down

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      3 Funds for Your Junior Isa

      Investors putting money aside for their children and grandchildren have a long time horizon in which to invest, so could consider these racier fund options

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      What is an ISA?

      What is an ISA, what are all the different types, and which one is the best for you? We're back at the whiteboard to explain

    • Suter Spring Clean

      How to Spring Clean Your Isa

      VIDEO: The end of the tax year is a great time to spring clean your investment portfolio. Here are some tips