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Top 20 FTSE Dividend Paying Stocks

UPDATED September 2020: WPP yielding above 5% again as it reinstates its dividend

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    • Stock of the Week

      Every week you pick one company for us to write about - here's the full list of winners

    • "My Healthcare Stocks Soared 700%"

      Taking ESG factors into account hasn't hurt Jonathan Starr's investment returns, but taking share tips from City experts did

    • The Week

      Morningstar columnist Rodney Hobson writes on the latest company results

    • 3 Stocks for Growth

      VIDEO: Killik & Co's Rachel Winter looks at three stocks with growth potential, including a drinks giant, an Indian conglomerate and a gaming company

    • Apple and Tesla After Their Stock Splits

      The share splits of Apple and Tesla have taken place, so how does this affect the investment case for these tech giants? Morningstar analysts say both stocks still look rich

    • 5 Companies that have Restored Dividends

      Dividend cuts and cancellations dominated the start of the year, but some companies have already started to reinstate their payouts as conditions improve

    • 3 Staycation Stocks

      Holidaying at home is the default for many Brits this year, but does this present an investment opportunity? We look at stocks that could benefit from the staycation boom

    • Undervalued UK Stocks

      Stock market dislocation this year has left some quality UK companies significantly undervalued, according to Morningstar analysts

    • 3 Beer Stocks to Tap

      These three brewing barons are high-quality businesses with entrenched positions in a consolidated market - and now they're about to catch some tailwinds of growth

    • Which Firms are Growing Their Dividends?

      It's been a dire year so far for income investors, but not all companies have cut their dividends, says Morningstar analyst Dan Lefkovitz

    • Can Netflix Keep Growing?

      Margins for the world’s largest streaming service are expanding, but competition from the likes of Disney+ and Amazon Prime is intensifying, says Morningstar’s Neil Macker

    • Small-Cap Stocks on Managers' Buy Lists

      From budget airlines to bakers, smaller companies investment trust managers have used this year's volatility to pick up some attractively valued firms

    • Post-Covid Consumer Stocks

      Covid-19 may have long-term implications on the way we consume things. We’ve discussed with fund managers where the biggest opportunities in the sector are

    • 4 Chinese Tech Stocks That are Bouncing Back

      These four Chinese tech heavyweights are turning up the heat in the fight for global dominance as they take on their American rivals.

    • Dividend Investing: Back to Basics

      How does income investing actually work, and is it the right strategy for your investments? We take a look

    • Burberry v Asos: How Lockdown Hit Fashion

      Burberry sales nearly halve on last year, but Asos benefits from the stay-at-home delivery boom

    • 8 High-Risk Stocks

      Some companies might look attractive after a recent strong run, but with high Uncertainty Ratings and no Economic Moat, Morningstar analysts think these are 8 stocks to avoid

    • Don't Overlook US Stocks for Income

      The US is not a traditional hunting ground for income-seeking investors, but these managers say there are plenty of opportunities to be found

    • Aim Celebrates 25th Birthday - Key Facts

      As the Alternative Investment Market celebrates its 25th anniversary, here's everything you need to know about the junior stock market that was once dubbed the "Wild West"

    • 15 Stocks to Invest in Change

      These companies achieve high Minority Empowerment Scores because they demonstrate a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion

    • 4 Stocks for Unlocking Lockdown

      As countries across the globe start to come out of lockdown and see social distancing rules relax, these four companies could thrive

    • Which IPOs are Due This Year?

      As volatility eases, companies whose flotation plans were derailed by Covid-2019 are thinking of joining the stock market - but will investors still be keen to buy?

    • 3 European Stock Picks

      VIDEO: Comgest's Alistair Wittet talks about the prospects for computer chip-makers, payments providers and discount supermarkets in Europe

    • 3 Financial Stock Picks

      VIDEO: Jupiter's Guy de Blonay looks at three opportunities in the financial sector, including a bank, a payments firm and the London Stock Exchange

    • FTSE Reshuffle Ousts Travel Stocks

      Four companies, including cruise giant Carnival and airline easyJet, have been ejected from the FTSE 100 as the Covid-19 crisis changes the make-up of UK plc

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