Sustainable Investing

Investing in Times of Climate Change

Climate change has become a top issue for investors, but working out what sustainable funds are investing in and whether they are delivering on their promises is not always easy

  • Fund Firms Must do More on Human Rights, Says Report

    Research by ShareAction finds fund giants must do more on human rights, and US asset managers lagging those in Europe and Asia

  • Investors Back ESG in the Crisis

    Sustainable and ESG funds bucked the trend in the Covid-19 sell-off, enjoying positive inflows, the latest Morningstar Global Sustainable Fund Flows Report reveals

  • Investors Need to Choose Green Funds Carefully

    Video: Morningstar's Hortense Bioy looks at how investors can make sense of sustainable funds and why they could be a good addition to your portfolio

  • Surge in Funds Rebranding as Sustainable

    As investors become more interested in sustainable and ESG investing, fund groups are rebranding existing funds. Why?

  • Does Divestment Work?

    Should fund managers try to encourage companies to change for the better by refusing to invest?

  • ESG Equity Funds in the Sell-Off

    The first quarter of 2020 is the first time that many sustainable funds have been tested in a bear market. We look at how they held up compared to their peers

  • Record Year for Sustainable Investments

    A record year for inflows into sustainable funds saw assets reach €668 billion at the end of 2019, and investors' interest in responsible investments shows no sign of abating

  • BlackRock's Sustainable Investing Plans

    The world’s largest asset manager intends to become the world's foremost sustainable investor, a move that many think is long overdue

  • Top Performing ESG Funds of 2019

    Climate change has been centre stage in 2019, but how have sustainable and ethical funds fared? We look at the best and worst performers of the year

  • Morningstar Sustainability Ratings: The Impact

    The updated Morningstar Sustainability Rating has led to a number of changes to funds' globe ratings, with some investments adding a surprising amount of ESG risk to fund portfolios

  • How to Incorporate ESG into Investments

    Morningstar's Hortense Bioy asks Robeco's Masja Zandbergen how funds can integrate environment, social and governance factors into their investment process

  • IA Introduces Guidelines for ESG Investing

    Investment trade body urges industry to adopt a common language to help people better understand sustainable investing

  • How to Become an ESG Investor

    Interactive investor's Jemma Jackson talks about how investors can get their head around confusing ESG terminology

  • Bond Funds for Ethical Investors

    Ethical bond fund managers reveal which sectors and themes they favour and why UK government debt is not yet green enough

  • Good Money Week

    Our special report looks at all aspects of sustainable investing, including funds, gender diversity and how to get your head around the terminology

  • Will Electric Vehicles Hit the Mainstream?

    EVs are nice to look at but cost and battery life concerns may stop people buying them. In part three of our electric vehicle series, we look at whether EVs will make it to the mainstream

  • Is ESG Investing a Fad?

    Morningstar's Elizabeth Stuart explains some of the biggest themes in investing and why ESG is here to stay

  • Why Waste Matters for ESG Investors

    A circular economy needs businesses not just to maximise recycling and minimise waste but to fundamentally re-engineer their products and services

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