International Women's Day 2021

Why Are There So Few Female Fund Managers?

Following International Women's Day, Morningstar's Ruli Viljoen looks at why there are still so few female fund managers in the industry and if there are signs of change.

    • Adena Friedman Nasdaq chief executive

      21 Standout Companies Run by Women

      These US-listed firms have carved out economic moats and are led by female CEOs

    • Men and women symbols

      (Still) More Funds Run by Daves than Women

      There are still more funds run by men called Dave in the UK than there are female managers in total. But what about the rest of Europe?

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      3 Female Run Funds

      VIDEO: To celebrate International Women's Day, Morningstar analyst Lena Tsymbaluk looks at three rated funds with a female manager at the helm

    • Covid Virus

      Covid-19, Women and Investing

      Covid-19 has disrupted lives across the world - but the burden has not been borne evenly. Has the pandemic set us back on gender equality?

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      Why Diverse Companies Perform Better

      Goldman Sachs's Laura Destribats talks being a female fund manager and why equality is so important for the GS Global Millennials Equity fund

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      How to Invest for Equality

      How can investors screen for companies leading the way in gender equality? An index could help

    • Woman in a boardroom

      How to Invest in Gender Diversity

      The Morningstar Women's Empowerment Index tracks companies scoring well on gender diversity and equal pay. Does that also lead to financial returns?

    • Woman in a boardroom

      Diversity Best Practices in the Asset Management Industry

      In February 2021, we conducted a global survey to review the DEI (Diversity Equity and Inclusion) rules and best practices in the asset management industry. Here are the key findings.

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      Which Companies Lead on Gender Equality?

      Sustainalytics' Kasey Vosburg explains how ESG risk ratings can help to identify those companies that score well on gender equality

    • Woman in front of laptop

      How Do Women Really Invest?

      A closer look suggests that income, rather than gender alone, may be the real determinant of women's investing choices

    • Mother working from home with child

      The Financial Costs of Being a Woman

      Women today must plan to live longer, while earning less and shouldering the burden of childcare and looking after elderly parents

    • Diverse employees

      UK Boardroom Diversity Targets Explained

      UK companies have met gender diversity targets, but will ethnic minority representation on FTSE boards be harder to achieve?

    • Voting in ballot box

      What to Expect from AGMs in 2021

      Ethnic and gender representation in boardrooms, climate change and executive pay will all be key issues at this year's company meetings

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      Women Need to Prepare for a Better Retirement

      There's still a gender gap when it comes to saving for retirement. Morningstar's Christine Benz offers four ideas to help prepare

    • Gender symbols 300

      Why Don't Women Invest?

      We ask female fund managers to share their thoughts on why women don’t invest, and why they should

    • Number 3 by 300

      3 Rated Funds Run by Women

      Morningstar analyst Fatima Khizou looks at three highly rated female-run funds

    • Womens day 3000 by 145

      Women in Investing: The Morningstar View

      Morningstar has combed its databases and analysed the numbers. Here's where women stand in the industry today

    • Karen Wardvid 300 by 145

      JP Morgan's Karen Ward on Diversity

      How does the investment industry attract more women? Ward says that first we need to dispel some of the myths, such as the long-hours culture

    • Morgan Black 300

      How Women Can Take Control of Their Destiny

      Morningstar Investment Management's Emma Morgan on how the investment industry can help women save for a decent retirement