Special Report Week - Emerging Markets

3 Investment Themes for Latin America

Latin America is often overlooked by emerging markets investors, but there is more to the region than commodities, these managers say

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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      Emerging Markets After Covid

      As emerging markets emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic, Nordea fund manager Juliana Hansveden reveals where she is finding investment opportunities

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      What Makes a Good Emerging Markets ETF?

      What should you look for in an emerging markets ETF? Here are some of our top picks

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      4 Top Rated Emerging Markets Funds

      Emerging markets investing is not only for the brave. Here are four funds we like

    • Holly Black and Juliana Hansveden

      3 Emerging Markets Stock Picks

      VIDEO: Nordea Emerging Star Equity Fund manager Juliana Hansveden looks at software, insurance and EV batteries in her three stock picks

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      Why You Should Consider Frontier Markets

      Investing in frontier markets can offer greater long-term prospects, but understanding the markets is key

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      Should I Invest in Emerging Markets?

      Reader Letters: Is it worth investing in emerging markets or is it too risky? It depends

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      3 Emerging Markets Investment Trusts

      This cohort of investment trusts select stocks in emerging markets across the globe

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      Why India is Leading Emerging Asia

      Away from China, the performance of Asian stock markets has been very mixed this year as countries battle with the ongoing effects of Covid-19

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      What Next for China?

      China, the dominant country in Emerging Asia, is trying to keep its domestic economy motoring along and bring the technology sector into line

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      Why Investors Don’t Like Emerging Markets

      Your “buy British” mentality might not be a top-yielding strategy

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      Why is TSMC Cheap?

      Video: Our video series looks at Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing, which Morningstar analysts think is undervalued

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      5 Undervalued Emerging Market Stocks

      Even some of the most popular emerging markets stocks are undervalued