Fixed Income Week 2020

3 Reasons to Like Bonds

VIDEO: Morningstar's Mark Preskett looks at three reasons why bonds are an important tool in your investment portfolio

    • Bond Investing in 2020

      VIDEO: Fidelity's Sajiv Vaid discusses the role of bonds in a tumultuous year and how some fixed income investments have delivered double-digit returns

    • Is There Any Alternative to Bonds?

      Morningstar columnist John Rekenthaler wonders whether buying government bonds is the equivalent of stuffing your money under the mattress

    • Why Invest in Bonds?

      VIDEO: The investment board is back with an explainer on why you might invest in bonds

    • 4 Reasons to Back Bonds

      High prices and low, or even negative, yields make some bonds appear unattractive to investors, but here are four reasons not to ditch the debt

    • "Where I Look for Reliable Income"

      VIDEO: Fidelity's Sajiv Vaid picks three bonds he's backing for a reliable income

    • Why Have Bonds Done Well This Year?

      Fixed income's ability to thrive when stock markets are crashing has been proved again this year, but investors have sacrificed yield for safety

    • 3 Alternative Bond Funds

      Looking for an ethical fixed income option or a fund that will stave off the effects of rising interest rates? We look at some alternative bond fund options

    • 3 Corporate Bond Fund Ideas

      We look at three corporate bond funds highly rated by Morningstar analysts

    • 3 Government Bond Funds

      Getting a reasonable yield on government debt is hard to come by, so we've chosen some active funds that can help you meet your goals

    • What is a Bond?

      Bonds are back in favour with investors but they are often seen as harder to understand than shares - how do they work and role can they play in an investment portfolio?

    • 3 Passive Funds for Fixed Income

      A raft of tracker funds are available for fixed income investors looking for a simple solution. We look at some options

    • How Did Funds Perform in September?

      Money market and fixed income funds performed particularly well in September, according to our monthly heatmap

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