Special Report Week - Thematics

What You Need to Know About Thematic Investing

VIDEO: Thematic investing appeals to many investors but there are risks to consider, warns Morningstar analyst Amy Arnott

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      Investing in Food and Nutrition

      There are more mouths on the planet to feed than ever before and people are becoming more discerning about what they eat. How can hungry investors tap into these trends?

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      The Difference Between Fads and Themes

      VIDEO: Thematic investing is about more than what's trending on social media, says Dan Lefkovitz

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      Thematic Investing: A Cautionary Tale

      Investors have poured millions of pounds into thematic funds, but poor long-term performance and low survivorship rates are reasons for caution

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      Which Consumer Trends Will Outlive Lockdown?

      Consumer companies were lucrative investments in 2020, but predicting long-term winners is harder. Shoppers are expected to splash the cash this year

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      5 Top Thematic ETFs - and the 5 Worst

      An impressive 70% of thematic ETFs have outperformed global equities over the past year, but not all funds have been so strong. We look at the best and worst thematic ETFs

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      2 ETFs for Thematic Investors

      VIDEO: Passive funds can be a great way to tap into specific trends. Morningstar analyst Kenneth Lamont looks at some of the options in the energy transition theme

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      The Dark Side of Thematic Funds

      Funds with compelling stories don't always make sound investments

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      Investing in an Ageing Population

      The Earth's population is ageing. By 2050, some 1.5 billion on the planet will be aged 65 or over. What does that mean for investors?

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      Don't Fear the Rise of the Robots

      Valuations are high for companies involved with artificial intelligence but how can investors tap into this growing trend?

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      2 Stocks for the Rise of the Robots

      VIDEO: Robotics is a fast-growing area of tech, creating opportunities in medical, logistics and life sciences sectors and many more besides, says Morningstar analyst Denise Molina

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      What is Thematic Investing?

      Our framework can categorise the universe into four broad themes: technology, physical world, social, and broad thematic

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      "Wood" You Invest in Timber?

      Americans are building more and bigger homes and that means the price of timber has gone through the roof. Here's what you should know about investing in timber and forestry