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Morningstar Help
I receive a message saying “script error”. What should I do?
This is most likely because of the browser settings on your computer. Please make sure that Cookies and JavaScript are active and that you are using either a version 6.0 or higher of Internet Explorer or Firefox.
When I open Portfolio Manager I receive an error message. What should I do?
Please try accessing the site via Internet Explorer, as this is the most compatible and the recommended browser for our website.  Please open a fresh browser page, not via a My Favorites link.  

Should you continue to experience any difficulties using the Portfolio Manager tool, please attach the screen shot of the page showing the error message to the feedback form and send it to us, as this will allow us to investigate your issue further.

When I try to add an investment to my portfolio, I get the error message “You have entered the wrong value for this investment”. What should I do?
Please check to see if the fund requires a minimum initial purchase, by clicking on the Fees tab from the list on the left hand side of the fund page. If required, please enter the minimum investment specified for investing in the fund.