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Special Report Week: Back to School

What is a Fund?

It's Back to School Week at Morningstar so we're covering all the investment basics. We've also called in a team of talented young experts to interview our analysts on all things investment. Here Samuel Kemp, aged 10, asks Morningstar analyst Jon Miller all about funds and how to pick the best ones

    • How to Invest for Children

      Investing isn't just for adults. Parents and grandparents can invest for their young relatives to help build a healthy nest egg and a good investment habit

    • What is ESG?

      Antonia Iacurci, aged 6, asks Morningstar analyst Elizabeth Stuart about ESG investing and why it's becoming more popular

    • What is a Bond?

      Samuel Kemp, aged 10, asks Morningstar analyst Louise Babin about bonds and why they can be a good tool in an investment portfolio

    • 3 Funds for Income Investors

      Income funds can grow your money as well as provide a reliable income stream. We help to whittle down for options for income-seeking investors

    • Investing for Income

      Alex Gard, aged 8, asks Morningstar analyst Louise Babin what income is and why it's important for investors

    • How to... Read a Fund Factsheet

      A one-page document can tell you a lot about a fund: where it invests, how much it costs and what it aims to achieve

    • Back to Basics: Diversification

      Amy Thompson-Cobb, aged 10, asks Morningstar analyst Jon Miller why diversification is so important when investing

    • Back to Basics: Long-Term Investing

      Mirella Iacurci, aged 9, asks Morningstar Investment Management's Dan Kemp about investing for the long-term

    • 10 Top Tips for New Investors

      New to investing? Our handy checklist of 10 top tips will help you get started

    • How to Pick a Fund Supermarket

      Which fund supermarket is best for you depends on how much you have to invest, how frequently you trade, among other factors. We help whittle down the options

    • What is an ETF?

      Amy Thompson-Cobb, aged 10, asks Morningstar analyst Helaine Kang what an exchange traded fund is and how it works

    • Investing for Beginners

      Alex Gard, aged 8, asks Morningstar analyst Dan Kemp why he should invest when he could be spending money on sweets

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