Morningstar's Equity Investing Week 2013

SPECIAL REPORT: Education, commentary and investing ideas for equity investors

Holly Cook 22 February, 2013 | 6:00PM
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Unless you've been hiding under a rock for the past six months, you'll know that global equity markets staged an undeniable rebound in the second half of 2012 and are continuing to exhibit strength in 2013. Equities are back in fashion. Of course equity investing never really went out of fashion, as this asset class is an essential element of any portfolio, but share price performances prior to the rebound had certainly damaged investors' faith in equity investments. 

As talk of a rotation into equities abounds, has taken a closer look at equity investing starting with the very basics and moving through stock and equity-fund strategies to screens and investing ideas. 

Below you'll find links to all the articles and videos from Morningstar Equity Investing Week, which ran February 18-22.

Monday - Starting at the Beginning

Stocks and shares; their role in a portfolio; how to find worthwhile companies

Stocks vs. Other Investments
The ins and outs of investing in stocks and shares.

5 Steps to Picking Valuable Shares 
Understanding financial statements, value and economic moats are key to finding shares that suit your financial goals.

Shares Less Risky in Long Term
Shares are generally thought of as far more risky than investing in bonds or putting money into a bank account, but in many ways they are not.

Why Diversify Your Portfolio?
Diversifying across investments and by asset class is crucial, while by sub-asset is useful but not essential.

Stocks for Capital or Income, Value or Growth?
Understanding the various portfolio roles of stocks, and the strategies of equity-fund managers.

Tuesday - Sector and Regional Differences

Characteristics of equities across different regions, industry sectors and market capitalisations

Investing in Small-, Mid- and Large-Cap Stocks
Understanding the basics about small-, mid- and large-cap stocks will help you make smarter investment decisions and work towards reaching your financial goals.

Investing in International Equities
Successful equity investing involves tapping into international opportunities and diversifying your portfolio beyond your own shores.

Investing in Different Industry Sectors
Each company sector displays some key characteristics that may either attract or repel investors.

How to Pick a Solid Sector Fund
A seven-point checklist for making money in a treacherous arena.

How to Pick a Reliable Dividend Payer
Investment expert Rodney Hobson gives his top tips for income-focused equity investors, including why stocks are a much better bet than bonds.

Wednesday - Investing Directly in Equities

Understanding how to use ratios and statistics for valuing equities; stock-picking strategies and tips

Valuation Using Ratios and Multiples
There are many ways to value equities and each method has its own unique set of pros and cons.

P/E Methods: Looking Back vs. Looking Ahead
The popular price/earnings metric can be calculated in different ways and reveal different kinds of information.

The Limitations of Earnings Per Share
Adjusted EPS is amongst the best known measures of a company's profitability, but this metric has numerous drawbacks.

The Discounted Cash Flow Method
Investors should consider using the Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) method to estimate the absolute value of a company.

Putting DCF Into Action
A lesson on how to use the discounted cash flow (DCF) model like a pro.

Top 20 Stock Investing Tips
Morningstar outlines 20 top tips for successful stock investing.

5 Keys to Smart Small-Cap Investing
Small-caps can be fertile ground for finding promising long-term ideas.

When to Sell Your Shares 
There are generally three main reasons for investors to sell out of their equity position.

Invest with an Online Brokerage Account
If you want to invest on your own, here is some basic information about finding and setting up an online brokerage account.

Thursday - Investing in Equities via Funds

Benefits and pitfalls of equity-fund investing; pros and cons of buying ETFs, investment trusts and open-ended funds for equity exposure; how to research equity funds

How to Research Equity Investments
For investors researching stocks and equity funds, we've got the tools to help you find the right investment.

Funds vs. Investment Trusts vs. ETFs
Investors seeking access to a diversified portfolio of equities will have to consider the pros and cons of investing in traditional funds vs. investment trusts vs ETFs.

The Advantages of Fund Investing
Investors often ask if investing in a fund is bettern than simply buying a lot of different shares to create their own portfolio.

5 Fund Questions to Ask
Make sure you at least ask yourself these five questions before buying into an equity fund.

Investing in Equities with ETFs
Exchange-traded funds' instant diversification and low-cost benefits make them great tools for investing in equities.

Investing with Investment Trusts is Different
Investors who want equity exposure should consider investing in equities via investment trusts, which operate differently than traditional funds.

Fund Share Classes: Accumulation vs. Income
When buying a fund, should you buy the accumulation or the income share class?

Friday - Equity Investment Ideas 

Stocks that look undervalued; picks for UK income seekers; fund managers' favourites; top-rated equity-focused investment trusts and ETFs

Racy and Reliable Stocks
THE WEEK: Morningstar columnist Rodney Hobson discusses the latest market pullback and explains how this could be an opportunity to invest in some racy and reliable stocks

Don't Forget About Dividends
Capital gains tend to grab the headlines but dividends are the hard-working silent partner in our stock portfolios.

Top Stock Picks for UK Income Seekers
If you're looking to boost your portfolio's income, try taking a leaf from the books of the top UK equity income fund managers.

Absolute Favourite Stock Picks
These top stocks are loved by a number of UK-based fund managers.

3 Gold-Rated Investment Trusts for Equity Investors
Investment trusts offer up some useful tools that can help fund managers enhance shareholder returns.

Ride the Rising Price of Energy
These specific funds and companies could stand to benefit from the rising price of energy over the long term.

4 Stocks That Are Due a Fashion Revival
PERSPECTIVES: Two well-respected Fidelity fund managers discuss their favourite contrarian investment ideas.

The information contained within is for educational and informational purposes ONLY. It is not intended nor should it be considered an invitation or inducement to buy or sell a security or securities noted within nor should it be viewed as a communication intended to persuade or incite you to buy or sell security or securities noted within. Any commentary provided is the opinion of the author and should not be considered a personalised recommendation. The information contained within should not be a person's sole basis for making an investment decision. Please contact your financial professional before making an investment decision.

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