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Market Index Performance: Total Returns


An extensive list of all global indices with average trailing returns (YTD, 1 year, 3 years, 5 years) – indices from MSCI, FTSE, Citigroup and more.

Several of those indices can be used as benchmarks for the Portfolio Manager tool.

IndexYTD Return%1 Year Return %3 Year Anlsd %5 Year Anlsd %Date
FTSE EPRA/NAREIT United States TR USD0.4331.9523.4116.5117/01/2017
MSCI World/Information Tech NR USD2.6545.7222.7019.6217/01/2017
Morningstar US Mid Val TR EUR0.4259.9922.3622.4017/01/2017
Tel Aviv SE Yeter- Rest of shares TR ILS5.3665.7721.8521.6817/01/2017
MSCI China A NR CNY0.1317.2921.6410.9417/01/2017
Morningstar US Large Core TR EUR1.3145.0921.4020.5617/01/2017
Morningstar US Core TR EUR1.1445.9520.8920.2517/01/2017
Morningstar Shrt-Only Cmdty TR USD-1.47-15.4620.819.3717/01/2017
Russell 1000 Growth TR USD2.3638.4520.4219.4017/01/2017
S&P 500 TR USD1.1342.4120.3819.3217/01/2017
Morningstar US Large Cap TR EUR1.1541.2720.2419.1417/01/2017
Morningstar China Large Cap CNY1.6918.8720.065.7617/01/2017
Russell 1000 TR USD1.1943.0720.0419.3417/01/2017
Morningstar US Value TR EUR-0.3950.5820.0118.7517/01/2017
Morningstar US Market TR GBP1.1443.6719.9219.2517/01/2017
Morningstar US Market TR USD1.1443.6719.9219.2517/01/2017
Morningstar US Market TR EUR1.1443.6719.9219.2517/01/2017
Morningstar US Large Growth TR EUR2.9932.7619.8819.4017/01/2017
Russell 3000 TR USD1.0544.1119.7919.2717/01/2017
Morningstar US Mid Core TR EUR1.1944.9219.7019.5617/01/2017
Morningstar US Small Val TR EUR0.2166.3519.6620.0917/01/2017
Russell 1000 Value TR USD0.0747.9919.6219.1917/01/2017
FTSE/JSE SA Listed Property TR ZAR3.9272.2519.5010.2317/01/2017
Morningstar US Mid Cap TR EUR1.3148.2419.3819.6717/01/2017
Morningstar US Large Val TR EUR-0.6546.7419.3817.5917/01/2017
Russell Mid Cap TR USD1.2746.9019.1319.3017/01/2017
Morningstar US Small Core TR EUR-0.4857.0019.1019.2517/01/2017
Morningstar US Growth TR EUR2.7835.1118.8418.8217/01/2017
FTSE EPRA/NAREIT Switzerland TR EUR1.5032.5918.3111.5617/01/2017
Morningstar US Small Cap TR EUR0.4856.8617.8518.9217/01/2017
Cat 50%Citi ESBI Indo&50%MSCI Indo NR0.0036.2517.797.0602/01/2017
MSCI Japan Small Cap NR JPY1.7934.8617.7715.3417/01/2017
Morningstar US Mid Core PR EUR1.1742.2717.6917.6117/01/2017
MSCI World/Biotechnology NR USD1.8916.2217.1028.7017/01/2017
Vietnam VN Index6.4148.5217.0617.7317/01/2017
Morningstar EM Sovereign Bd PR USD1.9630.7017.0410.1617/01/2017
Russell 2000 TR USD-0.5657.4017.0218.6217/01/2017
FTSE EPRA/NAREIT Global TR USD1.0531.3116.8214.0517/01/2017
MSCI Taiwan NR USD3.0055.5716.5912.5117/01/2017
Cat 50%MSCI Wld/CD NR&50%MSCI Wld/CS NR1.7030.2416.5417.2617/01/2017
JPM EMBI Global TR USD1.6332.2916.5010.5517/01/2017
BBgBarc Gbl Infl Linked TR Hdg USD-0.1426.5216.458.5717/01/2017
Morningstar US Mid Growth TR EUR2.3740.7216.2417.1717/01/2017
Markit iBoxx Asian USD Dollar Bd TR USD0.9422.0515.96-17/01/2017
Morningstar EM Composite Bd TR USD1.3930.6515.8710.2017/01/2017
MSCI India NR USD2.2726.9415.789.4517/01/2017
MSCI World/Health Care NR USD1.8519.0915.7718.4617/01/2017
Cat 25%Barclays US Agg TR&75%FTSE Wld TR4.0237.6615.4913.7316/01/2017
Topix TR JPY4.0333.5915.4814.4217/01/2017
MSCI World/Utilities NR USD0.9426.8415.4110.7817/01/2017
Morningstar EM Corp Bd TR USD1.0732.1615.4010.0217/01/2017
Morningstar EM Corp Bd TR USD1.0732.1615.4010.0217/01/2017
MSCI World Growth NR USD2.4033.3715.4015.4517/01/2017
MSCI Thailand NR THB2.4258.2015.2610.0617/01/2017
BBgBarc US Corporate High Yield TR USD1.0141.0015.1112.0717/01/2017
S&P Global Infrastructure TR USD1.7541.8215.0912.6917/01/2017
MSCI World Small Cap NR USD1.1046.5915.0716.6917/01/2017
Cat 50%Barclays US Agg TR&50%FTSE Wld TR3.6131.9015.0311.6216/01/2017
FTSE EPRA/NAREIT Eurozone TR EUR-0.8324.7315.0016.6917/01/2017
MSCI Sweden Small Cap NR SEK0.0533.6914.9718.8617/01/2017
DJ Islamic World TR USD1.8935.9714.8813.3617/01/2017
MSCI World NR USD1.6038.2314.8515.1117/01/2017
Morningstar US Small Growth TR EUR1.8447.7414.7917.4217/01/2017
Cat 50%FTSE/JSE SC TR&50%FTSE/JSE MC TR2.1187.7314.669.5617/01/2017
BBgBarc Gbl Agg Corp TR Hdg USD0.3923.0514.649.3617/01/2017
Cat 75%Barclays US Agg TR&25%FTSE Wld TR3.2126.3614.499.4616/01/2017
BBgBarc US Corp IG TR USD0.7123.1514.478.7117/01/2017
MSCI Indonesia NR IDR-0.3137.3914.442.8317/01/2017
MSCI World/Financials NR USD0.7446.4514.3917.3517/01/2017
S&P Global Water TR1.4135.4614.2916.0717/01/2017
BBgBarc Global Aggregate TR Hdg USD-0.0119.4414.238.0917/01/2017
MSCI World Value NR USD0.8443.1814.2214.7217/01/2017
NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Benchmark Cap GR EUR0.1739.5814.2217.2217/01/2017
Red Rocks Gbl Listed Private Eqty TR USD1.8646.9514.0019.2317/01/2017
MSCI Hong Kong NR HKD4.9236.4913.9713.8017/01/2017
MSCI Golden Dragon NR USD4.1043.7713.9710.9517/01/2017
Cat 25%Barclays StlAgg TR&75%FTSE Wld TR3.0333.6013.7713.1616/01/2017
BofAML Gbl HY Constd TR USD1.1437.7513.6811.9217/01/2017
Cat 25%Barclays EurAgg TR&75%FTSE Wld TR3.9236.6313.5613.5416/01/2017
MSCI World High Dividend Yield NR USD0.8336.8513.5013.3017/01/2017
TReuters Global Focus Hedged CB TR USD0.5023.3613.4211.2017/01/2017
Cat 50%JPM EMBI Plus TR&50%MSCI EM NR2.7040.1413.397.9417/01/2017
Morningstar US Core Bd TR USD0.4518.1713.336.9517/01/2017
MSCI Denmark NR DKK2.179.1913.3117.8517/01/2017
Euromoney Global Gold TR9.96104.2413.28-8.8817/01/2017
TReuters Asia CB TR USD1.5322.6513.227.6417/01/2017
BBgBarc US Agg Bond TR USD0.4418.2413.176.7717/01/2017
Euronext Paris CAC Mid 60 NR EUR1.2233.9913.1618.2517/01/2017
Morningstar UK Gov Infl Lkd TR GBP-0.6920.7113.137.8017/01/2017
S&P Global Agribusiness Equity TR USD1.2643.1713.0410.9617/01/2017
MSCI World/Telecom Services NR USD1.5530.0612.9913.6517/01/2017
MSCI China NR USD4.3041.4812.938.9817/01/2017
Cat 75%BofAML Twn Gvt TR&25%MSCI Twn NR2.6530.3112.757.2317/01/2017
Markit iBoxx ALBI TR USD4.3624.5012.75-17/01/2017
MSCI AC Asia Pacific NR USD3.3837.9312.7410.7917/01/2017
Cat 40%Citi SwissGBI&60%MSCI Wld Free NR1.4828.2812.4910.9417/01/2017
Citi US GBI USD0.4915.8612.405.7317/01/2017
MSCI AC Asia Ex Japan NR USD4.0040.9312.359.1417/01/2017
BBgBarc Gbl Infl Linked US TIPS TR USD0.7721.7012.285.3117/01/2017
MSCI Germany Small Cap NR EUR2.6433.4412.2418.1517/01/2017
Citi EMU GBI 10+ Yr EUR-0.6616.2912.1911.4117/01/2017
MSCI AC Asia Pac Ex JPN NR USD4.1343.8712.119.0617/01/2017
MSCI Europe ex UK Small Cap NR EUR2.2634.2012.0818.0217/01/2017
FTSE EPRA/NAREIT Developed Europe TR EUR-1.1415.1412.0315.6817/01/2017
Cat 50%Citi SwissGBI&50%MSCI Wld Free NR1.4525.8911.859.8917/01/2017
Morningstar Swiss Bd TR CHF1.6715.9911.715.6617/01/2017
Cat 50%Barclays StlAgg TR&50%FTSE Wld TR1.6524.1911.6510.5116/01/2017
MSCI Australia NR USD4.5954.8311.478.7617/01/2017
BBgBarc Gbl Agg Corp TR USD0.8221.4311.457.6317/01/2017
Cat 50%Barclays EurAgg TR&50%FTSE Wld TR3.4329.9511.2411.2816/01/2017
Euronext BEL 20 NR EUR0.6923.0711.1214.8917/01/2017
TReuters Global CB TR USD1.2127.0211.0311.1017/01/2017
BBgBarc US Aggregate 1-3 Yr TR USD-0.0716.8110.965.3817/01/2017
FTSE EPRA/NAREIT Developed Asia TR USD2.3334.6810.8212.3417/01/2017
Euronext AEX All Share TR EUR1.1637.5410.7612.5917/01/2017
BBgBarc Gbl Infl Linked TR USD0.3920.6610.755.9217/01/2017
MSCI World/Materials NR USD3.7666.1010.696.4417/01/2017
MSCI BRIC NR USD4.0654.6310.544.2517/01/2017
Morningstar Japanese Bd TR JPY2.9022.8810.48-0.8317/01/2017
Citi USD EuroDep 3 Mon USD-0.1916.4610.434.8317/01/2017
S&P Mid-East and Africa BMI TR USD3.7065.6910.426.3217/01/2017
BofAML USD LIBOR 3 Mon CM-0.2016.3110.334.7917/01/2017
MSCI Europe Small Cap NR EUR1.8728.5310.3217.3417/01/2017
MSCI EMU Small Cap NR EUR2.6530.4910.2917.4317/01/2017
Cat 92.5%TA SE GC TR&7.5%TA SE GConv TR1.3726.9610.2710.1817/01/2017
Citi Japanese GBI JPY2.8323.2810.26-0.7617/01/2017
Citi HKD EuroDep 3 Mon HKD-0.2516.6510.264.7217/01/2017
Cat 50%MSCI WldFree NR&50%MSCI Sweden NR1.3935.6410.2412.8017/01/2017
Cat 75%Citi SwissGBI&25%MSCI Wld Free NR1.3820.1010.197.2317/01/2017
Morningstar Australasian Bd TR USD4.4229.8310.133.2017/01/2017
MSCI Canada NR USD3.5167.8910.106.6817/01/2017
FTSE/JSE All Share TR ZAR6.7768.0510.096.6117/01/2017
MSCI Korea NR USD5.5444.8310.057.4217/01/2017
Beassa ALBI TR ZAR3.2967.9510.051.5417/01/2017
BBgBarc Global Aggregate TR USD1.0318.2810.044.8817/01/2017
JPM GBI Global Traded TR USD1.0016.8610.013.9217/01/2017
Citi Australian GBI AUD4.4329.139.912.2817/01/2017
Tel Aviv SE All Gov Bond TR ILS0.7720.839.898.7217/01/2017
Markit iBoxx ALBI Singapore TR SGD4.4323.219.82-17/01/2017
Cat 90%Tel Aviv Bd&10% Tel Aviv SE TA 250.7822.669.749.2017/01/2017
Cat 75%Tel Aviv Bd&25%Tel Aviv SE TA 250.4922.229.739.3717/01/2017
Markit iBoxx ALBI China Offshore TR CNH3.4820.099.73-17/01/2017
Tel Aviv SE All Bond0.9722.959.729.0717/01/2017
MSCI EM NR USD3.5549.279.545.2517/01/2017
Cat 25%Tel Aviv Bd&75%Tel Aviv SE TA 25-0.4820.669.509.7217/01/2017
Morningstar Shrt/Flt Cmdty TR USD-1.878.169.493.9517/01/2017
Cat 75%Barclays StlAgg TR&25%FTSE Wld TR0.2615.379.477.8416/01/2017
Morningstar Gbl Gov Bd TR USD1.1516.909.444.0817/01/2017
BBgBarc Gbl Agg Corp TR Hdg CHF1.6219.829.417.0517/01/2017
MSCI AC Asia Ex JPN Small NR USD2.4928.349.418.7717/01/2017
STeFI Composite ZAR2.7156.269.370.1817/01/2017
Beassa 1-3 Yr TR ZAR1.6258.289.190.4617/01/2017
BBgBarc Global Aggregate TR Hdg CHF1.2216.419.085.8617/01/2017
STeFI 3 Month NCD ZAR2.6955.769.03-0.0717/01/2017
S&P Pan Africa TR3.3862.968.946.8017/01/2017
Tel Aviv SE Gov Bond - CPI Linked TR ILS0.7221.078.908.2517/01/2017
MSCI EAFE NR USD2.0330.848.8711.3217/01/2017
Cat 75%Barclays EurAgg TR&25%FTSE Wld TR2.9323.588.879.0016/01/2017
Cat 50%Citi NorwegianGBI&50%FTSE Wld TR1.9430.038.857.2717/01/2017
TReuters Global Focus Hedged CB TR CHF1.7921.108.829.2617/01/2017
MSCI Switzerland NR CHF2.3722.358.8112.9817/01/2017
MSCI Europe Mid Cap NR EUR1.8827.478.8013.7317/01/2017
Tel Aviv SE Gen Bond CPI Linked TR ILS1.0524.068.808.8317/01/2017
MSCI EMU Mid NR EUR1.6730.358.7313.4317/01/2017
MSCI Emerging Markets SMID NR USD3.2737.058.666.2017/01/2017
Citi Swiss GBI CHF1.3014.538.434.5417/01/2017
MSCI Brazil NR USD7.83137.448.37-3.1417/01/2017
MSCI Frontier Markets NR USD4.4934.778.3311.0217/01/2017
FTSE AW Asean TR USD2.9336.078.295.6717/01/2017
Morningstar Gbl xUS Gov Bd TR USD1.4317.368.253.3817/01/2017
S&P Global Natural Resources TR USD3.8078.968.093.7817/01/2017
Euronext Paris CAC 40 NR EUR1.1033.718.0811.9117/01/2017
MSCI Europe Growth NR EUR1.2021.678.0211.3417/01/2017
Citi UK GBI GBP-1.036.967.804.4317/01/2017
Citi WBIG Eastern Europe EUR1.6616.657.807.6617/01/2017
MSCI Singapore NR SGD6.0338.827.746.9617/01/2017
MSCI Europe High Div Yld NR EUR0.5828.007.7310.3417/01/2017
Morningstar UK Eurobond Corp TR GBP-0.4110.867.737.4017/01/2017
Cat 40%CitiSwGBI&30%MSCISw&30%MSCIWd1.2626.167.588.4617/01/2017
BBgBarc Sterling Agg Corp TR GBP-0.2810.567.528.0117/01/2017
Morningstar UK Bd TR GBP-0.936.647.514.1717/01/2017
Cat 50%Barclays Eu Agg&50%FTSE AW Dv Eur2.9324.577.489.7416/01/2017
FSE DAX TR EUR1.6636.377.4413.6617/01/2017
BBgBarc Sterling Agg TR GBP-0.817.447.445.2017/01/2017
MSCI Europe Ex UK NR EUR1.5428.257.4012.1317/01/2017
Tel Aviv SE TA 100-0.6322.027.368.9317/01/2017
MSCI Nordic Countries NR EUR1.4524.817.1711.5217/01/2017
Tel Aviv SE Makams T-Bill TR ILS0.7720.197.145.6417/01/2017
Citi AUD EuroDep 3 Mon AUD4.0129.607.100.7717/01/2017
FTSE Small Cap Ex Invest Trust TR GBP2.7422.237.0619.2317/01/2017
MSCI EMU NR EUR1.2830.417.0512.0217/01/2017
BofAML GBP HY TR GBP0.8612.147.0412.9617/01/2017
Cat 75%Barclays Eu Agg&25%FTSE AW Dv Eur2.6821.017.038.2616/01/2017
BBgBarc Gbl Infl Linked TR Hdg EUR1.1421.666.954.3917/01/2017
Morningstar Canadian Bd TR CAD2.6926.136.931.3217/01/2017
Citi Canadian GBI CAD2.6826.146.921.3317/01/2017
Cat 50%CitiSwGBI&25%MSCISw&25%MSCIWd1.2323.896.887.3617/01/2017
Citi EMU GBI EUR0.5114.926.856.6917/01/2017
Morningstar Eurozone Bd TR EUR0.5114.866.846.9517/01/2017
MSCI Europe NR EUR1.4228.636.7810.9717/01/2017
BofAML European Ccy HY Constnd TR HEUR1.7825.906.7810.9617/01/2017
Morningstar EM Corp Bd TR Hdg EUR2.5730.616.776.2117/01/2017
BBgBarc Pan Euro HY Euro TR EUR1.7125.946.7510.6917/01/2017
JPM EMBI Global Hedged EUR TR2.9226.896.696.0017/01/2017
Citi SGD EuroDep 3 Mon SGD1.6718.326.682.8017/01/2017
MSCI UK Growth NR GBP0.4816.916.659.1417/01/2017
BBgBarc Pan Euro Agg TR EUR0.5314.246.385.9517/01/2017
FTSE 250 Ex Investment Trust TR GBP0.9014.556.2915.0617/01/2017
Citi Swiss GBI 1-3 Yr CHF1.1014.006.263.1917/01/2017
BBgBarc Gbl Infl Linked TR Hdg GBP0.059.486.204.2417/01/2017
BBgBarc Euro Agg Bond TR EUR0.7415.566.166.2917/01/2017
BofAML Gbl HY Constnd TR HEUR2.2033.686.138.3317/01/2017
MSCI Russia NR USD-0.51109.386.112.5217/01/2017
JPM GBI-EM Global Diversified TR USD0.7431.636.102.8217/01/2017
Morningstar Livestock Cmdty TR USD3.2416.266.101.2417/01/2017
OSE FXLT Mutual Fund Index Linked/TOTX1.9353.426.039.7417/01/2017
FTSE AllSh TR GBP1.1226.955.989.8017/01/2017
Morningstar UK Bank Capital TR GBP0.036.435.9110.3417/01/2017
Morningstar Lng/Flt Cmdty TR USD-0.6211.865.810.2917/01/2017
MSCI Sweden NR SEK1.1932.965.7010.3417/01/2017
Morningstar Metals Cmdty TR USD5.4733.975.68-3.6417/01/2017
Morningstar Euro Gov Infl Lkd TR EUR0.4116.695.636.3517/01/2017
Citi CHF EuroDep 1 Mon CHF1.0713.875.582.7417/01/2017
TReuters Europe CB TR EUR0.9618.065.528.6817/01/2017
Morningstar Lng/Shrt Cmdty TR USD-2.254.455.39-0.0817/01/2017
BBgBarc Euro Agg Corps TR EUR1.0318.355.386.1917/01/2017
Morningstar Eurobond Corp TR EUR0.9717.975.345.9317/01/2017
MSCI Europe Value NR EUR1.6235.795.3310.3717/01/2017
MSCI World/Energy NR USD-0.3362.195.324.9817/01/2017
Morningstar Lng/Shrt Cmdty ER USD-
Morningstar Euro Covered Bd TR LCL3.0317.165.236.1916/01/2017
BBgBarc Gbl Agg Corp TR Hdg EUR1.6818.225.215.0917/01/2017
BofAML Gbl HY Constnd TR HGBP1.1119.955.198.0817/01/2017
Cat 75%CitiSwGBI&12.5%MSCISw&12.5%MSCIWd1.1518.375.084.6117/01/2017
Morningstar Agriculture Cmdty TR USD5.8028.914.962.7017/01/2017
Morningstar Euro Bank Capital TR EUR1.1516.534.897.0417/01/2017
TReuters Global Hedged CB TR EUR1.9424.164.898.8517/01/2017
BBgBarc Global Aggregate TR Hdg EUR1.2814.874.873.9117/01/2017
MSCI EM Latin America NR USD4.0577.584.76-2.2417/01/2017
MSCI EM EMEA NR USD2.2764.064.662.5717/01/2017
Citi CAD EuroDep 3 Mon CAD2.4629.144.550.2317/01/2017
BBgBarc Gbl Agg Corp TR Hdg GBP0.586.074.384.8717/01/2017
BBgBarc Euro Infln Lkd TR EUR0.3916.664.373.8117/01/2017
BBgBarc Global Aggregate TR Hdg GBP0.
BBgBarc Gbl Infl Linked Sweden TR USD1.8318.483.881.5117/01/2017
Citi Polish GBI PLN2.1214.063.616.0117/01/2017
BBgBarc Global Aggregate TR Hdg NOK1.5824.123.511.9917/01/2017
Citi Swedish GBI SEK1.0713.073.221.8417/01/2017
BBgBarc Euro Agg Corp 1-3 Yr TR EUR1.1314.723.013.4617/01/2017
Citi Danish GBI 3-5 Yr DKK1.1114.543.011.7917/01/2017
BBgBarc Euro Agg 1-3 Yr TR EUR1.0913.392.462.6617/01/2017
BBgBarc Euro Agg Govt 1-3 Yr TR EUR1.0613.082.352.4017/01/2017
S&P Global Clean Energy TR USD4.9718.612.334.2217/01/2017
MSCI Italy NR EUR0.4615.372.316.9817/01/2017
MSCI Austria NR EUR3.8251.342.078.0917/01/2017
Citi Danish GBI 1-3 Yr DKK1.1713.341.990.9917/01/2017
FTSE 100 PR GBP1.0924.401.874.8617/01/2017
Citi PLN EuroDep 3 Mon PLN1.9915.741.823.4817/01/2017
EONIA Capitalisé 360j TR EUR2.9614.471.721.2216/01/2017
BBgBarc Sterling Agg 1-3 Yr TR GBP-0.171.421.531.4817/01/2017
Citi EUR EuroDep 3 Mon EUR1.1212.421.470.8817/01/2017
OSE Statsobligasjonsind 3.001.7520.801.18-0.7417/01/2017
MSCI EM Europe NR EUR0.3763.561.150.7617/01/2017
MSCI Spain NR EUR1.7628.561.116.7317/01/2017
MSCI Turkey NR EUR-2.308.630.960.1917/01/2017
Cat 50%Citi PolishGBI&50%MSCI Poland NR3.9123.810.734.8617/01/2017
Citi GBP EuroDep 3 Mon GBP0.020.560.560.5917/01/2017
OSE Statsobligasjonsind 1.001.4420.82-0.03-1.2117/01/2017
OSE Statsobligasjonsind 0.251.3920.81-0.26-1.3317/01/2017
Citi Swedish GBI 1-3 Yr SEK1.4910.80-0.410.1417/01/2017
Citi SEK EuroDep 3 Mon SEK1.6210.39-1.38-0.2317/01/2017
MSCI Poland NR EUR5.6933.63-2.523.1717/01/2017
Morningstar Lng-Only Cmdty TR USD0.9845.55-5.08-4.7717/01/2017
MSCI Portugal NR EUR1.9333.47-5.35-0.5217/01/2017
FTSE Turkish Lira Government Bond-7.41-6.42-8.56-9.9817/01/2017
Athens Exchange Athex Composite TR0.9633.05-17.642.3217/01/2017
Morningstar Energy Cmdty TR USD-3.3868.59-18.08-12.6017/01/2017
An extensive list of indices comprising fund returns. Specifying industry standard indices: MSCI, FTSE, Citigroup, Lehman Brothers and JP Morgan with 1-year, 3-year and 5-year returns.