Morningstar Indices

Morningstar Agriculture Cmdty TR USD-6.56-8.70-5.42-7.122019-04-17
Morningstar Australasian Bd TR USD2.369.644.875.152019-04-17
Morningstar Canadian Bd TR CAD1.558.012.573.732019-04-17
Morningstar DM Europe 100 GR EUR12.237.8210.206.492019-04-17
Morningstar EM Composite Bd TR USD3.2714.777.799.882019-04-17
Morningstar EM Corp Bd TR USD3.0615.688.499.952019-04-17
Morningstar EM Sovereign Bd TR USD3.9013.607.2310.042019-04-17
Morningstar Energy Cmdty TR USD28.1414.8716.97-9.332019-04-17
Morningstar Eurobond Corp TR EUR-0.472.724.713.732019-04-17
Morningstar Euro Bank Capital TR EUR-1.021.925.043.502019-04-17
Morningstar Euro Covered Bd TR LCL---  
Morningstar Euro Gov Infl Lkd TR EUR-2.32-
Morningstar Eurozone 50 GR EUR12.592.5011.036.792019-04-17
Morningstar Eurozone Bd TR EUR-1.572.074.054.352019-04-17
Morningstar Gbl Gov Bd TR USD-1.846.953.185.502019-04-17
Morningstar Gbl xUS Gov Bd TR USD-
Morningstar Japanese Bd TR JPY-3.656.231.835.362019-04-17
Morningstar Livestock Cmdty TR USD4.1021.626.773.662019-04-17
Morningstar Lng/Flt Cmdty TR USD-1.732.800.541.462019-04-17
Morningstar Lng/Shrt Cmdty ER USD-1.294.25-0.251.882019-04-17
Morningstar Lng/Shrt Cmdty TR USD-0.616.460.952.632019-04-17
Morningstar Lng-Only Cmdty TR USD10.177.367.41-5.222019-04-17
Morningstar Metals Cmdty TR USD-0.582.403.392.732019-04-17
Morningstar Shrt/Flt Cmdty TR USD-11.447.551.185.092019-04-17
Morningstar Shrt-Only Cmdty TR USD-11.1013.87-2.0414.032019-04-17
Morningstar Swiss Bd TR CHF-3.878.161.024.772019-04-17
Morningstar UK Bank Capital TR GBP4.253.165.315.092019-04-17
Morningstar UK Bd TR GBP1.202.772.804.992019-04-17
Morningstar UK Eurobond Corp TR GBP3.983.624.795.632019-04-17
Morningstar UK Gov Infl Lkd TR GBP4.036.917.948.342019-04-17
Morningstar US Core Bd TR USD-0.0614.154.578.022019-04-17
Morningstar US Core TR EUR14.8418.3416.1616.362019-04-17
Morningstar US Growth TR EUR16.4422.8620.5119.892019-04-17
Morningstar US Large Cap TR EUR13.1520.2917.6017.552019-04-17
Morningstar US Large Core TR EUR14.0318.6516.6216.872019-04-17
Morningstar US Large Growth TR EUR14.4222.3520.6320.792019-04-17
Morningstar US Large Val TR EUR9.9617.2914.7314.482019-04-17
Morningstar US Market TR EUR13.9819.3017.1816.942019-04-17
Morningstar US Market TR GBP13.9819.3017.1816.942019-04-17
Morningstar US Market TR USD13.9819.3017.1816.942019-04-17
Morningstar US Mid Cap TR EUR16.5317.9816.4515.852019-04-17
Morningstar US Mid Core PR EUR16.9216.0913.0613.552019-04-17
Morningstar US Mid Core TR EUR17.5018.0515.0415.522019-04-17
Morningstar US Mid Growth TR EUR19.2723.0219.6417.292019-04-17
Morningstar US Mid Val TR EUR12.5312.5514.4914.572019-04-17
Morningstar US Small Cap TR EUR15.3512.5314.9113.582019-04-17
Morningstar US Small Core TR EUR15.0711.6213.8213.182019-04-17
Morningstar US Small Growth TR EUR16.9216.2019.4016.072019-04-17
Morningstar US Small Val TR EUR14.0910.0211.5311.472019-04-17
Morningstar US Value TR EUR10.7315.9414.5314.332019-04-17
A list of the major FTSE indices with intraday prices and performance - FTSE 100, FTSE 250, FTSE 350, FTSE All-Share, FTSE AIM All-Share, FTSE AIM 100, FTSE AIM UK 50, FTSE Small Cap and FTSE techMARK All-Share. Those indices represent a wide range of equities from the London Stock exchange and AIM. Click a specific index to see the list of constituent companies with intraday share prices.

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