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Morningstar Indices

Morningstar Agriculture Cmdty TR USD-16.41-15.620.73-5.702017-09-21
Morningstar Australasian Bd TR USD1.56-0.957.042.472017-09-21
Morningstar Canadian Bd TR CAD-1.89-1.734.020.492017-09-21
Morningstar DM Europe 100 GR EUR10.7015.798.7710.722017-09-22
Morningstar EM Composite Bd TR USD-1.750.3912.078.182017-09-21
Morningstar EM Corp Bd TR USD-2.251.2711.818.212017-09-21
Morningstar EM Sovereign Bd PR USD-0.68-0.2012.859.212017-09-21
Morningstar Energy Cmdty TR USD-15.821.20-21.43-13.522017-09-21
Morningstar Eurobond Corp TR EUR4.452.646.215.722017-09-21
Morningstar Euro Bank Capital TR EUR5.634.736.286.222017-09-21
Morningstar Euro Covered Bd TR LCL-1.019.733.874.632017-02-21
Morningstar Euro Gov Infl Lkd TR EUR2.571.845.825.242017-09-21
Morningstar Eurozone 50 GR EUR15.0623.9211.4412.782017-09-22
Morningstar Eurozone Bd TR EUR3.030.086.576.792017-09-21
Morningstar Gbl Gov Bd TR USD-2.60-6.237.393.702017-09-21
Morningstar Gbl xUS Gov Bd TR USD-0.84-6.696.873.112017-09-21
Morningstar Japanese Bd TR JPY-5.27-15.187.87-1.302017-09-21
Morningstar Livestock Cmdty TR USD2.3015.57-0.773.672017-09-21
Morningstar Lng/Flt Cmdty TR USD-14.28-13.472.22-1.282017-09-21
Morningstar Lng/Shrt Cmdty ER USD-15.83-14.921.060.022017-09-21
Morningstar Lng/Shrt Cmdty TR USD-15.36-14.371.360.212017-09-21
Morningstar Lng-Only Cmdty TR USD-12.65-4.52-8.26-8.002017-09-21
Morningstar Metals Cmdty TR USD0.95-6.065.88-4.722017-09-21
Morningstar Shrt/Flt Cmdty TR USD-11.01-6.485.114.902017-09-21
Morningstar Shrt-Only Cmdty TR USD-5.17-7.0317.7312.732017-09-21
Morningstar Swiss Bd TR CHF-5.80-7.797.664.632017-09-21
Morningstar UK Bank Capital TR GBP5.184.786.307.712017-09-21
Morningstar UK Bd TR GBP-0.41-3.495.933.972017-09-21
Morningstar UK Eurobond Corp TR GBP1.92-0.466.706.122017-09-21
Morningstar UK Gov Infl Lkd TR GBP-1.14-1.2110.438.712017-09-21
Morningstar US Core Bd TR USD-5.80-3.839.606.092017-09-21
Morningstar US Core TR EUR3.4013.0717.4119.132017-09-21
Morningstar US Growth TR EUR9.4714.9017.4417.862017-09-21
Morningstar US Large Cap TR EUR4.3013.7217.0417.892017-09-21
Morningstar US Large Core TR EUR4.9214.4618.1919.592017-09-21
Morningstar US Large Growth TR EUR10.7615.8918.1818.292017-09-21
Morningstar US Large Val TR EUR-2.2310.9414.7215.892017-09-21
Morningstar US Market TR EUR3.1412.8816.6317.912017-09-21
Morningstar US Market TR GBP3.1412.8816.6317.912017-09-21
Morningstar US Market TR USD3.1412.8816.6317.912017-09-21
Morningstar US Mid Cap TR EUR1.0810.8015.6118.372017-09-21
Morningstar US Mid Core PR EUR0.128.0013.6416.462017-09-21
Morningstar US Mid Core TR EUR1.379.9415.6518.432017-09-21
Morningstar US Mid Growth TR EUR6.4612.3415.0216.712017-09-21
Morningstar US Mid Val TR EUR-4.469.9716.0720.012017-09-21
Morningstar US Small Cap TR EUR-2.4810.2715.3116.782017-09-21
Morningstar US Small Core TR EUR-4.499.3015.1017.022017-09-21
Morningstar US Small Growth TR EUR4.8311.7616.3616.602017-09-21
Morningstar US Small Val TR EUR-7.449.5314.3916.662017-09-21
Morningstar US Value TR EUR-3.0310.7014.9916.802017-09-21
A list of the major FTSE indices with intraday prices and performance - FTSE 100, FTSE 250, FTSE 350, FTSE All-Share, FTSE AIM All-Share, FTSE AIM 100, FTSE AIM UK 50, FTSE Small Cap and FTSE techMARK All-Share. Those indices represent a wide range of equities from the London Stock exchange and AIM. Click a specific index to see the list of constituent companies with intraday share prices.