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Life/Pension Fund Quickrank

Short Term
  Fund NameABI SectorMorningstar
Analyst Rating
(Underlying Fund)
3 Yr
Abbey Ambassador Series 4 Life FundUnclassified (Pen)Not RatedNot Rated8.924.91
Abbey American Pension FundNorth America Equities ...Not Rated18.8014.69
Abbey Convertible Series 3 Life FundMoney Market (Pen)Not RatedNot Rated0.00-0.06
Abbey Convertible Series 4 Life FundMoney Market (Pen)Not RatedNot Rated-0.28-0.56
Abbey Equity Pension FundUK All Companies (Pen)Not Rated5.382.96
Abbey Equity Series 1 Life FundUK All Companies (Pen)Not RatedNot Rated1.740.06
Abbey Equity Series 2 Life FundUK All Companies (Pen)Not RatedNot Rated5.443.19
Abbey Equity Series 4 Life FundUK All Companies (Pen)Not Rated4.972.77
Abbey Ethical Pension FundUK All Companies (Pen)Not Rated8.414.62
Abbey Ethical Series 4 Life FundUK All Companies (Pen)Not Rated7.463.84
Abbey Ethical Series 5 Life FundUK All Companies (Pen)Not RatedNot Rated7.323.59
Abbey European Pension FundEurope excl. UK Equitie...Not Rated7.286.17
Abbey European Series 4 Life FundEurope excl. UK Equitie...Not Rated6.415.21
Abbey Fixed Interest Pension FundUK Gilt (Pen)Not Rated10.816.62
Abbey Fixed Interest Series 4 Life FundUK Gilt (Pen)Not Rated9.085.07
Abbey High Income Pension FundUK Equity Income (Pen)Not Rated5.043.45
Abbey High Income Series 4 Life FundUK Equity Income (Pen)Not Rated4.443.33
Abbey Hill Samuel Equity Cap Pension FundUnclassified (Pen)Not RatedNot Rated6.692.42
Abbey Hill Samuel Equity Life FundUnclassified (Pen)Not RatedNot Rated7.405.06
Abbey Hill Samuel Equity Pension FundUnclassified (Pen)Not RatedNot Rated8.796.08
Total Results:
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Fund prices are updated every weekday after the close of trading and before 11pm wherever possible. Performance figures are presented in British Sterling (GBP). Fund returns are based upon NAV to NAV or Bid to Bid on an income reinvested basis. UK-domiciled funds report after-tax dividends. Non-UK-domiciled funds report gross dividends. Pension funds report after-tax returns.