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Investment Trusts

Miton: Property Offers Better Growth than Equities
Miton Global Opportunities manager Nick Greenwood explains why investors should look to alternative assets to provide growth as he is "not bullish" on equities
Why Many Investment Trusts are Trading at a Discount
Thanks to regulation in the advice industry the natural buyers of closed-end funds are dwindling - meaning less demand and the chance to pick up great trusts on the cheap
Investment Trusts Cut Fees Amid Worst Ever ISA Season
NEWS YOU CAN USE: What has been going on in the City? Funds have been cutting fees, investors have failed to top up their ISAs and the UK Equity Income sector is getting smaller
Investment Trusts Education Centre
Relative Discounts & Premiums
Our Investment Trusts Centre offers straightforward and informative step-by-step tips to help you understand investment trusts and other closed-end funds, decide if they're right for you, and put them to good use in your portfolio.
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