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Investment Trusts

Frontier Markets Less Volatile than FTSE, says BlackRock
Frontier market investing is naturally diverse - meaning that investing across the universe cancels out volatility; which is currently dogging developed markets 
Finsbury Growth & Income: Nick Train Buys First New Stock in 4 Years
Nick Train, manager of the Gold Rated Finsbury Growth & Income Trust has added a new name to the portfolio for the first time in four years - and revealed he almost sold Pearson
New Changes to Tax Efficient Investment Schemes
What do investors need to know about the changes to venture capital trusts and enterprise investment schemes? How do these changes affect investors’ portfolios?
Investment Trusts Education Centre
Relative Discounts & Premiums
Our Investment Trusts Centre offers straightforward and informative step-by-step tips to help you understand investment trusts and other closed-end funds, decide if they're right for you, and put them to good use in your portfolio.
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