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iShares € High Yield Corp Bond UCITS ETF EUR (Dist) (EUR) | IHYG

Performance History30/06/2017
Growth of 1,000 (GBP) Advanced Graph
iShares € High Yield Corp Bond UCITS ETF EUR (Dist) (EUR)
Key Stats
Closing Price
 EUR 107.86
Day Change 1.45%
Morningstar Category™ EUR High Yield Bond
Volume 57058
ISIN IE00B66F4759
Fund Size (Mil)
 EUR 5398.29
Share Class Size (Mil)
 EUR 5398.29
Ongoing Charge
*  This rating and report were issued for a different share class of this fund. The performance and fee structure of this class may vary from that referenced.
Morningstar Research

Investors simply seeking a pure passive play on the euro-denominated high-yield bond market may find that this exchange-traded fund fits the bill. However, this remains an area where experienced active managers have shown that they can add...

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Investment Objective: iShares € High Yield Corp Bond UCITS ETF EUR (Dist) (EUR) | IHYG
The fund is an exchange traded fund (ETF) that aims to track the performance of the Markit iBoxx Euro Liquid High Yield Index as closely as possible. The ETF invests in physical index securities. The Markit iBoxx Euro Liquid High Yield Index offers exposure to the largest and most liquid Euro denominated corporate bonds with sub-investment grade rating. Only bonds with a minimum amount outstanding of €250 million are included in the index. The maximum original time to maturity is 10.5 years and the minimum time to maturity is 2 years for new bonds to be included (no minimum restriction for bonds already in the index). For diversification purposes the weight of each issuer in the index is capped at 5%. iShares ETFs are funds managed by BlackRock.
Trailing Returns20/07/2017
3 Years Annualised3.41
5 Years Annualised3.60
10 Years Annualised-
12 Month Yield 3.78
Dividend Paying Frequency 
Manager Name
Start Date
Not Disclosed
Inception Date
Category Benchmark
Fund BenchmarkMorningstar Benchmark
Markit iBoxx Liquid High Yield TR EURBBgBarc Pan Euro HY Euro TR EUR
Portfolio Profile for  iShares € High Yield Corp Bond UCITS ETF EUR (Dist) (EUR) | IHYG19/07/2017
Morningstar Style Box®
Equity Style
Morningstar Style Box®
Fixed Income Style
Asset Allocation
  % Long% Short% Net Assets
Fixed Income
Effective Maturity3.05
Effective Duration2.92
Top 5 Regions%
No Data Available
Top 5 Sectors%
No Data Available
Top 5 HoldingsSector%
BlackRock ICS Euro Liq Agency Inc1.00
Altice Sa 7.25%0.91
Wind Acquisition F 4%0.86
Unicredit Spa 6.95%0.71
Intesa Sanpaolo 6.625%0.70
iShares € High Yield Corp Bond UCITS ETF EUR (Dist) (EUR) | IHYG