Morningstar Investment Conference

MICUK 2020: What Are Investors Asking?

There's a lot to worry about in 2020. Morningstar Investment Management's Mike Coop reveals what's on investors minds this year, and talks fund launches

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      "Why we Name and Shame"

      MICUK 2020: Can tracker funds be ESG investments? L&G's Sacha Sadan discusses engagement, divestment and ESG passive funds

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      How IFAs Can Appeal to Millennials

      MICUK 2020: Financial advisers must adapt their business if they want to appeal to the younger generations, says Kind Wealth's David O'Leary

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      Impact Investing with a Small "I"

      MICUK 2020: Sustainable investing isn't always about making the biggest possible impact, says Schroders' Katherine Davidson at the Morningstar Investment Conference

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      Investing and the Behaviour Gap

      MICUK 2020: Financial advisers are having to adapt to a new digital world. Carl Richards, creator of the Behavior Gap, looks at the challenges IFAs face and how to overcome them

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      "Why I'm Backing Bonds"

      MICUK 2020: Bonds have provided protection to investors in a torrid year to date as well as decent returns, says Janus Henderson's Jenna Barnard

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      Can Value Investing Make a Comeback?

      MICUK 2020: It's been the worst decade on record for value investing, says Jupiter's Ben Whitmore. Can the once popular style make a comeback?

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      The Outlook for China

      MICUK 2020: The Morningstar Investment Conference takes a digital format this year. We catch up with Aberdeen Standard's Devan Kaloo to talk about the prospects for China 

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      What Type of ESG Investor are You?

      MICUK 2020: The Covid-19 pandemic has thrown ESG investing into the spotlight, says Boring Money founder Holly Mackay. So what kind of ESG investor are you?

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      How China is Building a New World Order

      Morningstar's Lawrence Johnson spoke to Brian Byrne of Aviador & Associates at MICUK about the threats and opportunities of China's expansion, as well as the FAANGs

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      Will Value Investing Make a Comeback?

      Morningstar's Fatima Khizou talks to Boston Partners' David Pyle about US equity strategies after a long winning streak for growth stocks

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      What Next for Brexit Negotiations?

      Morningstar's Catherine McEwing speaks to Professor Simon Hix at the London School of Economics about the likelihood of Britain leaving the EU on October 31

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      What Next for Corporate Bonds?

      Morningstar's Louise Babin talks to M&G's Richard Woolnough about the bond market and why credit quality in corporate bonds has declined as the market has expanded

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      Sustainable Investing With a Value Tilt

      Schroders' Kevin Murphy explains to Morningstar analyst Peter Brunt why the "S" of ESG is as important as environmental and governance concerns

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