Market Index Performance: Total Returns


An extensive list of all global indices with average trailing returns (YTD, 1 year, 3 years, 5 years) – indices from MSCI, FTSE, Citigroup and more.

Several of those indices can be used as benchmarks for the Portfolio Manager tool.

IndexYTD Return%1 Year Return %3 Year Anlsd %5 Year Anlsd %Date
S&P Global Clean Energy TR USD1.750.8028.6921.2727/05/2022
MSCI Taiwan NR USD-10.913.2525.1914.9827/05/2022
MSCI World/Information Tech NR USD-15.658.8222.3319.6727/05/2022
S&P Global Agribusiness Equity TR USD23.3533.5921.1913.3527/05/2022
MSCI Denmark NR DKK-9.455.5018.8612.2827/05/2022
EMIX Global Mining Global Gold TR USD6.30-7.1818.269.4126/05/2022
S&P Global Natural Resources TR USD25.9035.3418.2412.8827/05/2022
Russell 1000 Growth TR USD-15.656.2717.9116.6127/05/2022
Morningstar US Large Core TR EUR-5.7315.4117.2913.2427/05/2022
Morningstar US Core TR EUR-5.5214.4016.4412.7127/05/2022
MSCI World/Materials NR USD5.2310.8216.2511.0827/05/2022
S&P 500 TR USD-5.7412.9615.8613.8127/05/2022
Morningstar US Large Cap TR EUR-7.9010.8115.8013.9727/05/2022
Russell 1000 TR USD-6.7010.3515.5113.5627/05/2022
Morningstar US Market TR EUR-7.039.4915.1013.2527/05/2022
Morningstar US Market TR GBP-7.039.4915.1013.2527/05/2022
Russell 3000 TR USD-6.869.2615.0813.1827/05/2022
Morningstar US Market TR USD-7.039.4915.0613.2527/05/2022
Tel Aviv SE Yeter- Rest of shares TR ILS-12.233.1514.706.5826/05/2022
MSCI World/Health Care NR USD0.5218.6614.2511.7027/05/2022
Morningstar US Growth TR EUR-22.81-4.8514.1915.0127/05/2022
Morningstar US Mid Core TR EUR-3.8911.2314.1611.3927/05/2022
Morningstar US Mid Cap TR EUR-3.908.8914.0812.1827/05/2022
S&P Global Water TR-14.204.0013.9011.1327/05/2022
Morningstar US Small Val TR EUR8.2213.4413.898.6127/05/2022
Morningstar US Mid Val TR EUR12.4420.5113.8510.1827/05/2022
MSCI World/Energy NR USD57.9580.4213.248.7027/05/2022
Tel Aviv SE TA 125 TR ILS-5.6219.0413.1610.1026/05/2022
MSCI Sweden Small Cap NR SEK-23.85-15.8913.127.6127/05/2022
DJ Islamic World TR USD-14.010.1412.9711.1726/05/2022
Russell Mid Cap TR USD-5.346.2612.6911.0127/05/2022
MSCI ACWI Growth NR USD-15.99-2.3712.6711.2127/05/2022
Morningstar US Value TR EUR9.2819.2012.5110.4627/05/2022
Morningstar US Mid Core PR EUR-4.429.8112.459.6327/05/2022
MSCI Canada NR USD4.6714.0912.329.7527/05/2022
MSCI Nordic Countries NR EUR-10.81-2.2812.127.4027/05/2022
Russell 1000 Value TR USD3.3914.5412.119.9027/05/2022
Morningstar US Large Value TR EUR8.4019.3411.9210.6127/05/2022
S&P Mid-East and Africa BMI TR USD14.3122.5311.615.2027/05/2022
MSCI Nordic Countries Small Cap NR USD-17.75-12.2411.367.2727/05/2022
MSCI ACWI NR USD-6.425.2511.159.2827/05/2022
MSCI AC Asia Ex JPN Small Cap NR USD-9.07-0.8711.005.6927/05/2022
Morningstar US Mid Growth TR EUR-21.83-7.7010.9912.8427/05/2022
MSCI Sweden NR SEK-16.51-11.1110.515.0427/05/2022
Cat 50%MSCI WldFree NR&50%MSCI Sweden NR-13.90-4.6810.367.0526/05/2022
FTSE/JSE All Share TR ZAR7.299.6810.355.3327/05/2022
MSCI Europe ex UK Small Cap NR EUR-10.98-5.7110.216.1027/05/2022
Vietnam VN Index-9.5010.2310.1311.4327/05/2022
MSCI USA High Dividend Yield NR USD4.7717.9910.059.4227/05/2022
Morningstar US Large Growth TR EUR-27.38-11.839.7812.4027/05/2022
MSCI ACWI SMID NR USD-6.940.319.637.5327/05/2022
Morningstar US Small Cap TR EUR-6.67-2.049.548.0927/05/2022
MSCI EMU Small Cap NR EUR-5.87-3.149.505.7527/05/2022
NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Benchmark Cap GR EUR-9.31-5.019.466.4927/05/2022
MSCI Switzerland NR CHF-7.218.369.447.8727/05/2022
FTSE EPRA Nareit Switzerland TR EUR6.3710.059.366.5027/05/2022
FTSE Small Cap Ex Invest Trust TR GBP-9.06-6.309.335.0527/05/2022
MSCI India NR USD-4.2413.579.318.5227/05/2022
OSE Oslo Børs Mutual Fund TR NOK1.
Russell 2000 TR USD-9.29-5.519.178.1027/05/2022
MSCI Korea NR USD-10.47-16.729.152.6827/05/2022
MSCI World/Financials NR USD-0.946.329.106.9727/05/2022
MSCI World/Utilities NR USD9.4422.669.078.4327/05/2022
Cat 50%MSCI Wld/CD NR&50%MSCI Wld/CS NR-11.320.019.027.7926/05/2022
Morningstar US Small Core TR EUR-5.99-0.038.997.2427/05/2022
MSCI Portugal NR EUR8.7910.928.856.5827/05/2022
MSCI ACWI Value NR USD3.3112.318.646.7327/05/2022
Morningstar EAA USD Agg Tgt Alloc NR USD-4.624.578.627.3827/05/2022
MSCI Australia NR USD6.7010.018.547.8927/05/2022
MSCI World High Dividend Yield NR USD5.5514.968.507.3027/05/2022
FTSE Italia AllShare TR EUR-6.621.448.445.5727/05/2022
Red Rocks Gbl Listed Private Eqty TR USD-19.69-8.968.397.0627/05/2022
MSCI Germany Small Cap NR EUR-10.04-9.188.356.9327/05/2022
Morningstar US Mod Tgt Alloc NR USD-4.106.638.327.7127/05/2022
Morningstar UK Adv Tgt Alloc NR GBP-4.544.028.196.7627/05/2022
MSCI China A Onshore NR CNY-18.16-15.878.024.1127/05/2022
S&P Global Infrastructure TR USD16.1627.677.896.9827/05/2022
MSCI Emerging Markets SMID NR USD-5.98-2.257.834.4127/05/2022
Cat 25%Tel Aviv Bd&75%Tel Aviv SE TA 254.1916.987.829.3209/02/2020
Morningstar EU Agg Gbl Tgt Alloc NR EUR-6.071.667.726.4327/05/2022
Refinitiv Global CB TR USD-10.23-7.567.676.3626/05/2022
Euronext Paris CAC 40 NR EUR-6.362.187.585.6727/05/2022
MSCI Europe Small Cap NR EUR-12.25-8.207.574.8327/05/2022
Morningstar DM Europe 100 GR EUR-3.205.307.535.2027/05/2022
Morningstar China Large Cap CNY-14.42-12.977.225.3327/05/2022
MSCI Europe Growth NR EUR-14.97-
MSCI Europe SMID NR EUR-12.12-7.527.094.5827/05/2022
MSCI Europe High Div Yld NR EUR7.2213.087.065.3427/05/2022
MSCI World/Comm Services NR USD-16.29-12.116.975.6727/05/2022
MSCI Europe Ex UK NR EUR-9.00-1.946.904.6027/05/2022
Euronext AEX All Share TR EUR-11.01-3.996.685.8727/05/2022
Cat 75%Tel Aviv Bd&25%Tel Aviv SE TA 253.8615.366.629.1709/02/2020
MSCI Europe NR EUR-5.521.856.484.4527/05/2022
Morningstar EU Agg Tgt Alloc NR EUR-
Cat 90%Tel Aviv Bd&10% Tel Aviv SE TA 253.7614.836.219.0609/02/2020
Athens Exchange Athex Composite TR1.281.956.174.5527/05/2022
Morningstar Eurozone 50 GR EUR-8.96-4.516.013.6827/05/2022
Cat 40%Citi SwissGBI&60%MSCI Wld Free NR-7.051.895.995.2526/05/2022
Euronext Paris CAC Mid&Small NR EUR-2.85-0.075.982.3627/05/2022
FTSE EPRA Nareit United States TR USD-6.9417.505.957.1827/05/2022
NASDAQ Biotechnology TR USD-13.43-9.285.955.6327/05/2022
Morningstar UK Mod Adv Tgt Alloc NR GBP-4.811.915.915.0827/05/2022
Markit iBoxx ALBI China Onshore TR CNY3.7812.825.905.5027/05/2022
MSCI EAFE NR USD-4.921.095.864.5027/05/2022
Cat 92.5%TA SE GC TR&7.5%TA SE GConv TR3.3813.745.799.9809/02/2020
Refinitiv Global Hgd CB TR EUR-13.78-16.275.754.5227/05/2022
Cat 75%BofAML Twn Gvt TR&25%MSCI Twn NR1.8712.175.639.3209/02/2020
S&P Pan Africa TR8.816.935.501.5427/05/2022
Cat 50%Citi ESBI Indo&50%MSCI Indo NR0.055.805.477.7902/02/2020
Morningstar EAA USD Mod Tgt Alloc NR USD-2.655.205.395.2027/05/2022
MSCI AC Asia Pac Ex JPN NR USD-6.75-10.285.364.4927/05/2022
FTSE/JSE All Bond TR ZAR11.965.925.304.4727/05/2022
Bloomberg Gbl Infl Linked US TIPS TR USD1.4111.595.194.1427/05/2022
MSCI AC Asia Pacific NR USD-6.94-7.685.134.3127/05/2022
MSCI EMU NR EUR-9.05-4.795.043.0827/05/2022
MSCI Austria NR EUR-16.47-3.885.001.1627/05/2022
Cat 40%CitiSwGBI&30%MSCISw&30%MSCIWd-11.76-7.604.973.1826/05/2022
MSCI Europe Value NR EUR4.308.164.852.5227/05/2022
FSE DAX TR EUR-7.94-7.314.842.1927/05/2022
MSCI AC Asia Ex Japan NR USD-9.11-13.614.833.8527/05/2022
Euronext BEL 20 NR EUR-6.24-1.924.811.8327/05/2022
FTSE/JSE ALB 1-3 Yr TR ZAR12.274.434.694.1027/05/2022
Cat 50%Citi SwissGBI&50%MSCI Wld Free NR-6.871.014.594.1026/05/2022
Morningstar US Small Growth TR EUR-21.24-16.904.587.5327/05/2022
Tel Aviv SE Gov Bond - CPI Linked TR ILS-8.066.444.553.8026/05/2022
Markit iBoxx ALBI China Offshore TR CNH2.268.784.554.8127/05/2022
MSCI Pacific Ex Japan NR USD3.782.314.515.6127/05/2022
MSCI AC Asia Pacific ex Japan HDY NR USD4.025.924.434.0627/05/2022
MSCI EM NR USD-8.33-11.294.353.1727/05/2022
TOPIX TR JPY-6.64-1.664.323.6927/05/2022
Morningstar UK Mod Tgt Alloc NR GBP-5.67-0.674.153.8427/05/2022
Tel Aviv SE Gen Bond CPI Linked TR ILS-7.705.143.993.6126/05/2022
MSCI Golden Dragon NR USD-11.70-20.223.953.9527/05/2022
Cat 50%Citi NorwegianGBI&50%FTSE Wld TR0.887.383.946.7509/02/2020
FTSE 250 Ex Investment Trust TR GBP-12.25-8.793.912.1327/05/2022
MSCI Indonesia NR IDR15.1936.043.852.1227/05/2022
Morningstar EU Mod Gbl Tgt Alloc NR EUR-6.17-2.383.633.5427/05/2022
MSCI Frontier Markets NR USD-
Tel Aviv SE All Bond-6.454.873.533.1426/05/2022
Cat 50%Citi PolishGBI&50%MSCI Poland NR-0.90-4.763.473.9909/02/2020
Morningstar US Con Tgt Alloc NR USD-2.085.433.353.8627/05/2022
Morningstar Asia 50/50 NR USD-4.95-
Tel Aviv SE All Gov Bond TR ILS-6.774.543.272.9126/05/2022
Bloomberg Gbl Infl Linked TR Hdg USD-1.0710.123.213.4527/05/2022
Cat 50%CitiSwGBI&25%MSCISw&25%MSCIWd2.108.763.215.9509/02/2020
MSCI EM Latin America NR USD29.8120.833.133.3727/05/2022
Bloomberg US Corporate High Yield TR USD-2.634.812.863.8225/05/2022
Tel Aviv SE Makams T-Bill TR ILS-0.068.722.851.7426/05/2022
Morningstar EU Mod Tgt Alloc NR EUR-6.32-3.242.802.6927/05/2022
Bloomberg Euro Infln Lkd TR EUR-1.451.452.552.2227/05/2022
ICE BofA Sterling HY TR GBP-7.12-5.952.442.8427/05/2022
Bloomberg Gbl Infl Linked TR Hdg GBP-8.03-2.382.432.2027/05/2022
STeFI Composite ZAR10.962.612.372.1127/05/2022
FTSE EPRA Nareit Global TR USD-5.337.792.244.8127/05/2022
Bloomberg Gbl Infl Linked TR USD-5.171.802.202.3027/05/2022
Markit iBoxx ALBI TR USD0.133.762.172.6527/05/2022
Morningstar UK Mod Caut Tgt Alloc NR GBP-6.32-
Morningstar EAA USD Cau Tgt Alloc NR USD-0.575.702.012.9027/05/2022
STeFI 3 Month NCD ZAR10.782.271.961.7327/05/2022
MSCI Brazil NR USD37.3715.471.544.8727/05/2022
ICE BofA Gbl HY Constnd TR USD-3.80-0.431.532.6226/05/2022
Bloomberg US Corp 1-3 Yr TR USD4.749.241.512.0027/05/2022
Bloomberg US Corp Bond TR USD-5.021.561.392.3727/05/2022
FTSE 100 PR GBP2.728.061.390.1027/05/2022
MSCI Japan Small Cap NR JPY-6.88-
Bloomberg Gbl Agg Corp 0901 TR Hdg USD-3.472.551.092.3127/05/2022
ICE BofA USD 3M Dep OR CM TR USD7.3512.561.061.6027/05/2022
Cat 75%Citi SwissGBI&25%MSCI Wld Free NR-6.44-
Markit iBoxx ALBI Singapore TR SGD-0.081.931.031.6327/05/2022
Bloomberg US Aggregate 1-3 Yr TR USD4.839.180.961.4627/05/2022
FTSE CHF EuroDep 1 Mon CHF1.914.700.96-0.2327/05/2022
FTSE USD EuroDep 3 Mon USD7.5612.750.941.5427/05/2022
Markit iBoxx ALBI Hong Kong TR HKD1.035.070.941.3827/05/2022
ICE BofA Gbl HY Constnd TR HGBP-9.51-8.830.891.5626/05/2022
JPM CEMBI Broad Diversified TR USD-4.700.350.852.2227/05/2022
Bloomberg Gbl Agg Corp TR Hdg CHF-8.86-5.200.780.2527/05/2022
FTSE Swiss GBI 1-3 Yr CHF1.093.690.68-0.2927/05/2022
Bloomberg US Agg Bond TR USD-1.723.890.651.6227/05/2022
Bloomberg US Government TR USD-0.924.850.501.3627/05/2022
FTSE EPRA Nareit Developed Europe TR EUR-12.29-6.690.462.5327/05/2022
Bloomberg Global Aggregate TR Hdg USD-
FTSE GBP EuroDep 3 Mon GBP0.220.260.370.4727/05/2022
BME IBEX 35 NR EUR4.98-1.310.35-1.6827/05/2022
Bloomberg Gbl Agg Corp TR USD-5.45-1.820.311.4927/05/2022
Morningstar UK Cau Tgt Alloc NR GBP-7.15-5.550.301.0327/05/2022
Bloomberg Gbl Infl Linked TR Hdg EUR-7.43-4.400.220.6027/05/2022
Bloomberg Global Aggregate TR Hdg CHF-5.73-2.620.21-0.1527/05/2022
JPM Asia Credit TR USD-1.541.120.201.7227/05/2022
Markit iBoxx GBP NonGilts 1-5 TR-3.32-
Bloomberg Gbl Agg Corp TR Hdg GBP-10.36-
Cat 75%CitiSwGBI&12.5%MSCISw&12.5%MSCIWd-9.92-10.240.13-0.3926/05/2022
Bloomberg Sterling Agg 1-3 Yr TR GBP-1.57-2.23-0.060.1527/05/2022
Markit iBoxx GBP NonGilts TR-9.09-8.82-0.280.5727/05/2022
Cat 50%JPM EMBI Plus TR&50%MSCI EM NR-12.46-12.30-0.330.4126/05/2022
Bloomberg Global Aggregate TR Hdg GBP-7.30-6.74-0.360.5627/05/2022
Morningstar EU Cau Gbl Tgt Alloc NR EUR-6.33-6.33-0.530.5927/05/2022
Bloomberg Pan Euro HY Euro TR EUR-7.23-8.48-0.540.7727/05/2022
Morningstar EU Cau Tgt Alloc NR EUR-6.52-6.88-0.870.3127/05/2022
Bloomberg Global Aggregate TR USD-3.92-1.57-0.880.5627/05/2022
FTSE SEK EuroDep 3 Mon SEK-1.37-5.55-0.92-2.5227/05/2022
Bloomberg Gbl Infl Linked Sweden TR USD-2.69-2.25-0.92-1.4727/05/2022
MSCI BRIC NR USD-14.00-22.64-0.981.8027/05/2022
ICE BofA Gbl HY Constnd TR HEUR-8.58-10.94-1.000.2326/05/2022
Morningstar China 50/50 NR USD-8.71-18.17-1.141.3727/05/2022
MSCI AC ASEAN NR USD3.087.23-1.470.4127/05/2022
Bloomberg Sterling Agg TR GBP-10.67-9.56-1.56-0.1727/05/2022
MSCI China NR USD-14.62-30.37-1.570.5227/05/2022
Bloomberg Euro Agg Corp 1-3 Yr TR EUR-1.19-3.59-1.65-0.6327/05/2022
MSCI Singapore NR SGD-5.06-6.23-1.750.8627/05/2022
JPM EMBI Global Diversified TR USD-8.44-4.38-1.750.4227/05/2022
FTSE EUR EuroDep 3 Mon EUR0.88-1.85-1.82-1.0827/05/2022
MSCI Turkey NR EUR16.068.05-1.82-12.5127/05/2022
FTSE Swedish GBI 1-3 Yr SEK-3.31-7.53-1.94-3.0727/05/2022
FTSE Act UK Cnvt Gilts All Stocks TR GBP-10.66-9.30-1.94-0.4327/05/2022
Bloomberg Gbl Agg Corp 0901 TR Hdg EUR-9.80-11.14-1.97-0.6127/05/2022
Bloomberg Euro Agg 1-3 Yr TR EUR-0.91-3.51-2.02-1.0127/05/2022
Bloomberg Euro Agg Govt 1-3 Yr TR EUR-0.61-3.27-2.05-1.0727/05/2022
JPM CEMBI Broad Diversified Hdg TR EUR-10.81-12.94-2.19-0.6727/05/2022
JPM GBI-EM Global Diversified TR USD-3.81-5.59-2.26-1.0327/05/2022
Refinitiv Europe CB TR EUR-11.13-12.01-2.26-1.4727/05/2022
FTSE EPRA Nareit Developed Asia TR USD1.962.25-2.272.3927/05/2022
FTSE Danish GBI 1-3 Yr DKK-0.69-3.36-2.34-1.4127/05/2022
Bloomberg Global Aggregate TR Hdg EUR-6.71-8.72-2.52-0.9927/05/2022
FTSE Swiss GBI CHF-6.13-2.45-2.60-1.8527/05/2022
Bloomberg Global Aggregate TR Hdg NOK-7.40-7.49-2.63-1.2927/05/2022
Bloomberg Euro Corp TR EUR-7.17-9.44-2.68-0.7127/05/2022
Bloomberg Euro Agg Govt TR EUR-8.32-10.48-3.08-0.7827/05/2022
Bloomberg Pan Euro Agg TR EUR-8.92-10.64-3.09-0.9527/05/2022
FTSE Danish GBI 3-5 Yr DKK-2.80-5.43-3.13-1.4227/05/2022
Bloomberg Euro Agg Bond TR EUR-8.10-10.34-3.15-0.8827/05/2022
FTSE Swedish GBI SEK-8.42-11.50-3.30-2.9927/05/2022
MSCI Thailand NR THB7.498.86-3.612.1027/05/2022
Bloomberg Euro Agg Govt 10+ Yr TR EUR-17.00-18.31-4.08-0.3427/05/2022
JPM EMBI Global Diversified Hedge TR EUR-14.51-17.30-4.90-2.5527/05/2022
FTSE EPRA Nareit Eurozone TR EUR-10.93-14.24-4.93-0.3827/05/2022
JPM ACI Non Investment Grade TR USD-7.12-15.68-5.41-1.6327/05/2022
Bloomberg Japanese Aggregate TR JPY-4.49-4.64-5.47-2.3627/05/2022
Hang Seng HSI GR HKD-4.83-18.94-5.90-0.8427/05/2022
FTSE/JSE SA Listed Property TR ZAR5.0512.02-6.84-9.0127/05/2022
FTSE Polish GBI PLN-7.70-19.46-6.88-2.9827/05/2022
Cat 50%FTSE/JSE SC TR&50%FTSE/JSE MC TR-7.56-8.27-7.50-0.7610/02/2020
MSCI Poland NR EUR-20.50-20.09-10.58-7.2527/05/2022
ICE BofA AsianDollar HYCp CN Is TR USD-23.86-47.44-18.18-9.7726/05/2022
MSCI EM Europe NR EUR-72.88-71.14-32.59-19.4227/05/2022
An extensive list of indices comprising fund returns. Specifying industry standard indices: MSCI, FTSE, Citigroup, Lehman Brothers and JP Morgan with 1-year, 3-year and 5-year returns.