Title Collection Author Date
'I'm Holding On to My Carnival Shares' Investor Views Emma Simon 01/07/20
"Will my £100k Portfolio Help me Buy a House?" Investor Views Emma Simon 24/06/20
Cautious Investments for a Care Worker Investor Views Emma Simon 17/06/20
"The Holiday That Inspired my Sipp Investment" Investor Views Emma Simon 10/06/20
“My Investments Could be Wiped Out By Covid-19” Investor Views Emma Simon 04/06/20
“I Sold my ETFs Before the Covid-19 Crash” Investor Views Emma Simon 27/05/20
"I've Swapped Stocks for Cash" Investor Views Emma Simon 20/05/20
"Investment Trusts That Bucked the Market Trend" Investment Trust Research & Insights Emma Simon 13/05/20
3 Defensive Funds for My Sipp Investor Views Emma Simon 06/05/20
"I'm Putting More Money in the Market" Investing for Retirement Emma Simon 29/04/20
"Why I'm Investing in Gold" Investor Views Emma Simon 23/04/20
"I'm Balancing Top Funds With Trackers" Investor Views Emma Simon 15/04/20
"Why I'm Sticking With My High-Risk Funds" Investor Views Emma Simon 08/04/20
"Will My Gold Fund Deliver in the Covid-19 Crisis?" Investor Views Emma Simon 02/04/20
“I Switched into Cash Before the Covid-19 Crisis” Investor Views Emma Simon 25/03/20
"I've Lost £50,000 in Two Weeks" Investor Views Emma Simon 18/03/20
Global Funds That Have Delivered Big Returns Investor Views Emma Simon 12/03/20
The Investment Trusts I'm Holding for the Long-Term Investor Views Emma Simon 04/03/20
My Pension Investments Have Increased Tenfold Investor Views Emma Simon 26/02/20
Healthcare Stocks for a Healthy Retirement Investor Views Emma Simon 19/02/20
Why FIRE Means I Can Retire at 41 Investing for Retirement Emma Simon 12/02/20
Four Funds to Kickstart My Pension Investor Views Emma Simon 05/02/20
Funds for First Time Investors ISA Investing Emma Simon 29/01/20
Why I'm Investing in Sin Stocks ISA Investing Emma Simon 22/01/20
Fund Options for Cautious Investors ISA Investing Emma Simon 15/01/20
"My Hunt for Undervalued Investments" ISA Investing Emma Simon 08/01/20
"My Father Bought us Share Certificates for Christmas" Investing for Retirement Emma Simon 18/12/19
“Green Funds and Greggs are Boosting my Retirement” Investing for Retirement Emma Simon 11/12/19
Will High Risk Funds Help Me Retire Early? Investing for Retirement Emma Simon 04/12/19
Why I’m Passionate About Passives Investor Views Emma Simon 27/11/19
Investments to Help Me Enjoy Retirement Investor Views Emma Simon 20/11/19
Ethical Ways to Invest an Inheritance ISA Investing Emma Simon 13/11/19
Will a Junior Isa Help Pay My Children's University Fees? ISA Investing Emma Simon 07/11/19
Could Green Investments Pay off my Mortgage? Investing for Retirement Emma Simon 30/10/19
My Woodford Investment Won't Stop Me Achieving Financial Independence Investor Views Emma Simon 23/10/19
"My First Investment was Thomas Cook" Investor Views Emma Simon 16/10/19
"I Invest in Wind-Farms and Social Housing Projects" ESG Emma Simon 09/10/19
Could Hi-Tech Stocks Help Fund my Degree? Investor Views Emma Simon 02/10/19
"Low Cost Funds Help Me Beat Inflation" ISA Investing Emma Simon 25/09/19
"I'm Investing to Move Up The Property Ladder" Investor Views Emma Simon 18/09/19
“What my Pupils Taught me About Computer Gaming Shares” ISA Investing Emma Simon 11/09/19
"The Higher-Risk Shares That Balance Out My Portfolio" ISA Investing Emma Simon 04/09/19
"I’ve Sold Funds Within Two Weeks of Investing" ISA Investing Emma Simon 28/08/19
"Funds with Strong Track Records Help me Sleep at Night" ISA Investing Emma Simon 21/08/19
Will Gambling on Aim Shares Boost my Pension? Investing for Retirement Emma Simon 07/08/19
"Going Global Boosted my Retirement Fund" Investing for Retirement Emma Simon 31/07/19
“My Investments Will Allow Me to Retire at 50” ISA Investing Emma Simon 24/07/19
"Smaller Company Investments Paid for my Honeymoon" ISA Investing Emma Simon 17/07/19
Dividend Shares to Fund My Retirement Equity Research & Insights Emma Simon 10/07/19
Will My Low-Cost Investments Deliver Superior Returns? ISA Investing Emma Simon 03/07/19
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