Gina Miller Launches Brexit Tactical Voting Campaign

SCM Direct's Gina Miller, who founded the True and Fair Campaign against too-high fund fees has launched a campaign to encourage tactical voting in the General Election

Emma Wall 15 May, 2017 | 3:45PM
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Emma Wall: And what about the opportunity we have now with this election coming up. I know that you have launched a recent campaign in order to make Brexit quite a deciding factor in the election for those who want it to be.

Gina Miller: I haven’t made it a deciding factor. The Prime Minister has made it, it's a deciding factor because this idea that you need -- she needs a bigger mandate. She doesn’t have a mandate. I think the most sensible thing that can happen now we are all leavers this whole idea of keeping talking about remain is just distracting. I think it's about choice and common sense and logic says two things to me.

One is we should immediately be negotiating a transitional period because all 27 member states have to agree that. So that should be the first thing that happens. The second thing that happens is we should not be using EU -- on both sides EU citizens and expats as bargaining chips. And thirdly I think we should be – the candidates we should be backing in this election are the ones who are going to back a meaningful vote at the end of the negotiating period.

Wall: And that’s quite different from some of the other campaigns that have come up since Brexit. We've got Stanley Johnson, who is saying his son Boris was wrong, he's launched something called Environmentalist for Europe. There is MEP Anneliese Dodds and even Tony Blair who wants MPs to publicly admit how they voted themselves, before going into this election. What do you think of that kind of campaign versus what you are…

Miller: I am a realist. I don’t understand I have never been somebody who understands why look back. What's the point of wasting your energy doing that? We are where we are. It is absolutely shameful that they are distracting, we are not doing the things we should be doing. We are not talking about education. All-Party Committee has been suspended. No work of government is happening and the waste of time and effort at the moment is quite shocking. And the fact that it's all for, people call election to power grab that’s it. There is no other reason.

And you know Mrs. May is extremely wily, extremely clever and why wouldn’t she do what she is doing. But it's unfortunate because it's very distracting and if you look at the timelines of what's going on in Europe. The true negotiations won't actually start it looks like until after October. Which gives us less than a year if we don’t get that extension. So, I just think the emotion needs to abate and we need to be, all of this needs to be on a much more reasoned common sense logical basis.

Wall: And perhaps you could tell me a bit more Best for Britain, the new campaign.

Miller: Best for Britain we are trying to do three things. One, is to say to young people that this is your adult professional life, this is your future. If you – there is no point you sitting there and complaining you actually have to use your voice. So today we've signed up with three organizations. One called, Bite The Ballot, My Life My Say, Citizens UK so we're targeting a million youngsters today. We did a massive YouTube blog campaign yesterday to get them out to vote. Secondly there is an apathy people are really quite fed up of referendum, elections. We are trying to get turnout up.

Thirdly to identify those candidates apolitical in marginal seats who will back a meaningful vote at the end. So realistically probably about 30 to 40. And try and reduce that landslide majority that everyone thinks. A lot of pollsters and experts are saying it's not possible to do what we are doing, with best for Britain.

In 2015 in Canada it was a forgone conclusion apparently and we were in almost exactly the same situation and very similar campaign started albeit they had nine months we have four weeks. And even Prime Minister Trudeau himself says it was due to that campaign that he came to power. So, we will lose when we stop fighting and we won't stop fighting.

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