Morningstar's New Tax Year, New ISA Week 2013

SPECIAL REPORT: Don't leave it to the last minute: take advantage of these tax-efficient investment wrappers all year round

Holly Cook 5 April, 2013 | 5:00PM
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That nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes, is one of the many reasons why individual savings accounts (ISAs) are so popular in the UK. To save and grow one's assets without having to pay the tax man is undeniably an attractive proposition. Furthermore, with record low interest rates entering their fifth year, there's little reward for saving cash other than for short-term requirements.

British savers can make use of tax-efficient ISA wrappers to save cash and/or invest in stocks and funds on an annual basis. For (too) many, the end of the tax year marks a final opportunity to top-up the amount they have vested in their ISA so that they make the most of that year's tax-free allowance. The start of the new tax year on April 6th rings in new investing opportunities with a new annual allowance. 

In the 2012/2013 tax year, individuals can sock away a maximum of £11,520 in investments in an ISA wrapper, with up to half the total (£5,760) available to be held in cash savings. 

To help investors make the most of these investment vehicles, hosted a special report on "Investing with ISAs" throughout the week of March 11-15. See all our ISA stories below....

ISA Basics: The What and the Why

What is an ISA?
The what, why and how of Individual Savings Accounts.

The Benefits of Cash ISAs
A Cash ISA can come in handy if you're saving for a near-term goal or looking to set up an emergency fund.

How and Where to Get an ISA
An overview of where to find the most suitable ISA options for your personal saving and investing needs.

How to Invest in and Manage an ISA
A basic explanation about how to invest in an ISA and how to manage your money within this tax-efficient wrapper.

All About Junior ISAs
If you're interested in helping your child become financially independent, give them a head start with a Junior ISA.

The Various Roles of ISA Investing 

The Difference Between ISAs and SIPPs
PERSPECTIVES: An outline of the pros and cons of these different savings vehicles. 

Making Contributions: Pensions vs. ISAs
VIDEO: Pension expert Mike Morrison from AJ Bell explains how to use ISAs and pensions to save for your future, and discusses the pros and cons of each.

How ISAs and Pensions Can Work Together
Enjoy the flexibility of ISAs alongside the benefits of having money locked away in a pension.

What Can You Put in Your ISA?
A wide variety of investments can be placed into a stocks and shares ISA, but some investments do not qualify.

Managing Your ISA Investments 

How to Build a £1 Million ISA
Regular contributions and a decent rate of return could help you achieve that prized £1 million in less time than you'd expect.

How To Find Top-Rated Investments for Your ISA
Morningstar's tools and research can help you find a top-rated fund for your ISA portfolio.

Consider Your ISA Options
PERSPECTIVES: There are 6 key ISA questions you should ask yourself before you make any investment decisions. 

Tips for Managing Your ISA Portfolio
VIDEO: Keep a close eye on fund and trading fees, invest the maximum allowance and stay the course, says ISACO's Stephen Sutherland.

Investing Little and Often into Trusts
Investments trusts provide an ideal vehicle for regular savers to build up a decent nest egg.

Is Pound-Cost Averaging Overrated?
Investing set amounts at regular intervals can reduce risk but may lead to lower returns compared with the lump-sum approach.

In Defence of Pound-Cost Averaging
Although lump-sum investors may amass more over time, PCA might be more realistic from a logistical and psychological standpoint.

Actionable ISA Ideas 

Gold Ratings & Rock-Bottom Fees 
Morningstar has pinpointed 4 Gold-rated ISA-eligible funds with some of the lowest fees in the industry.

The Hottest ISA Funds
PERSPECTIVES: Chelsea Financial Services outlines the hottest ISA-eligible funds for the 2012-2013 year.

Targeting the Top Junior ISA Funds
PERSPECTIVES: Chelsea Financial Services outlines the funds that are being snapped up for Junior ISAs during the 2012-2013 year.

Focus on Fees and Performance When Picking ISA Funds
VIDEO: Tips on data points to home in on when researching investments for your ISA wrappers, from ISA investor Stephen Sutherland. 

4 Investment Trusts for Your ISA
Morningstar analysts have spotted some value opportunities for those investors looking to load up on high-quality investment trusts.

‘Pedigree Dogs’ To Consider?
You may want to consider throwing these 'dogs' a bone, even though they've recently posted lacklustre performance.

ISA Investing Tips & Pitfalls

Common Misconceptions about ISAs
Morningstar debunks myths and misconceptions about ISA accounts and savings.

You Don’t Need New Money to Tap into ISA Benefits
PERSEPCTIVES: ISAs can be funded by existing investments rather than current savings if you're willing to swallow the cost.

A Professional ISA Investor’s View of the Market
VIDEO: Stephen Sutherland of ISACO explains how ISA Cash Park can help you protect your money in down markets. 

Scrambling to Make the ISA Deadline
THE WEEK: Morningstar columnist Rodney Hobson explains how his investments suffered when he rushed to invest in his ISA ahead of the deadline.

Where are Morningstar Employees and Analysts Investing Their ISA Money?

These bonus articles take a voyeuristic look inside the ISA portfolios of employees and analysts who work in Morningstar's London office.

A Morningstar OBSR Analyst Reveals His ISA Portfolio
Morningstar OBSR analyst Oliver Kettlewell details his asset allocation and the fund picks inside his personal ISA.

Beating Inflation: Where Are Morningstar Analysts Investing?
Senior ETF analyst José is shunning the cash portion of his ISA in favour of ETFs tracking equities and non-sterling investments.

Junior ISAs: Where Are Morningstar Employees Investing?
Institutional sales manager Ed's three children have a Child Trust Fund invested in an investment trust and two Junior ISAs containing an Asia Pacific fund.

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