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This sector includes a list of gold stocks available in the market. Use Morningstar's gold stocks analysis to learn about investing in gold with latest prices, investment style and market return. Our data and independent analysis provides up to date information to find investment opportunities in gold stocks.

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Reasons NOT to Invest in Gold

Investing in gold has never been cheaper. It's no wonder this metal is attracting a lot of investor attention. Gold also has the reputation to remain strong while other assets are falling. However, the lustrous metal is known to decrease in value when the market bounces back. Read the latest on whether gold stocks should be kept in your portfolio.

Beware the Hype as Gold Hits New Record

The value of gold rose 25% over the first six months of 2020. Gold typically excels during periods of uncertainty, which is why the markets saw a vast amount of money flooding into this market in the first half of 2020. But how does gold perform during market downturns? Should gold be viewed as a core holding or an insurance policy? Read more to find out.

Can Gold Maintain it's Winning Streak?

Will gold continue to increase in value? That will depend on investor sentiment on economic growth, inflation and possibility of recession. Read the latest on whether gold can maintain its' growth.

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