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Index Prices
FTSE Smallcap Index Share Prices
Company NameCurrent (p)Change (p)Change (%)Last Close (p)Net Vol (000's)
4imprint Group PLC1845.50-48.00-2.591851.00 .16
Aberdeen Asian Income Fund Ltd205.751.620.80203.00 6.12
Aberdeen Asian Smaller Comp...979.25-1.93-0.20975.50 1.64
Aberdeen New Dawn Investmen...198.501.000.50199.00 8.28
Aberdeen New India Investme...374.751.310.35375.00 3.78
Aberdeen UK Tracker Trust PLC338.00-1.00-0.30338.00 1.31
Aberforth Geared Income Tru...203.751.500.73204.50 .05
Acal PLC231.88-3.50-1.51232.25 2.29
Alcentra European Floating ...102.500.000.00103.50 .10
Allianz Technology Trust PLC845.00-3.25-0.38850.00 1.64
Arrow Global Group PLC298.62-1.75-0.58299.75 10.32
Artemis Alpha Trust PLC276.50-0.42-0.15278.50 .02
Ashley (Laura) Holdings PLC19.120.060.3119.25 13.31
Avon Rubber PLC1020.00-9.50-0.921030.00 2.78
Baillie Gifford Japan Trust...591.50-1.44-0.24594.00 11.63
Baillie Gifford Shin Nippon...612.00-6.00-0.97616.00 10.02
Baring Emerging Europe PLC742.255.500.74744.00 2.72
BBGI SICAV SA138.880.000.00139.25 37.72
BH Global Ltd1267.50-3.00-0.241268.00 5.00
Biffa PLC185.62-2.25-1.20188.00 20.35
Biotech Growth Trust (The) PLC719.00-6.90-0.95725.00 8.18
BlackRock Frontiers Investm...142.25-0.39-0.27142.50 2.99
BlackRock Greater Europe In...287.00-2.00-0.70287.00 2.52
BlackRock Income Strategies...108.12-0.31-0.29108.25 55.68
BlackRock Latin American In...411.00-1.25-0.31409.25 2.16
BlackRock North American In...164.50-0.88-0.53165.00 20.13
BlackRock Smaller Companies...1002.00-11.04-1.091010.00 2.45
BlackRock Throgmorton Trust...356.00-1.50-0.42356.75 5.87
BlackRock World Mining Trus...361.38-3.46-0.95363.50 55.23
Bloomsbury Publishing PLC163.62-4.00-2.42165.00 3.50
Bluefield Solar Income Fund...107.50-0.11-0.10108.00 12.92
Boot (Henry) PLC200.382.771.40198.25 45.99
Braemar Shipping Services PLC307.88-2.81-0.91309.00 1.18
Brammer PLC164.380.250.15164.25 13.94
Brunner Investment Trust (T...638.501.600.25642.00 .70
Cambian Group PLC148.62-1.15-0.77150.00 73.37
Cape PLC178.500.210.12177.75 36.47
Capital Gearing Trust PLC3829.507.740.203820.00 .46
Capital & Regional PLC56.880.350.6256.50 72.75
Carclo PLC139.50-1.25-0.89141.00 38.68
Carpetright PLC169.120.680.40168.50 .30
Carr's Group PLC144.62-1.44-0.98146.25 23.00
Charles Taylor PLC222.253.371.57214.75 2.71
Chemring Group PLC168.12-1.75-1.04169.00 14.95
Chesnara PLC361.62-2.56-0.70364.50 9.63
Circassia Pharmaceuticals PLC93.381.251.3592.50 2.08
City Merchants High Yield T...194.38-1.07-0.55194.75 8.88
City of London Investment G...350.000.000.00357.50 .00
Communisis PLC42.12-0.58-1.3642.50 7.02
Connect Group PLC152.001.501.00149.75 10.19
Consort Medical PLC1025.00-9.01-0.871040.00 .10
Costain Group PLC376.250.630.17375.00 8.65
Countrywide PLC173.12-1.25-0.72174.25 68.22
CQS New City High Yield Fun... 131.95
Custodian REIT PLC107.75-0.45-0.41109.00 9.98
CVC Credit Partners Europea...104.000.500.48104.75 .45
De La Rue PLC599.750.500.08599.00 4.71
Devro PLC194.004.002.09191.00 1.45
DFS Furniture PLC227.38-1.56-0.68228.75 34.97
Dialight PLC788.00-14.43-1.79805.00 1.89
Diverse Income Trust (The) PLC91.25-0.50-0.5591.50 16.36
Dunedin Income Growth Inv T...249.62-0.25-0.10250.00 8.14
Dunedin Smaller Companies I...205.50-6.09-2.94207.00 3.43
DW Catalyst Fund Ltd1180.000.000.001185.00 .00
e2v technologies PLC272.88-0.50-0.18273.00 5.20
Ecofin Global Utilities and... 75.64
Edinburgh Dragon Trust PLC312.25-1.48-0.47313.00 3.95
Edinburgh Worldwide Investm...513.000.100.02515.00 .05
Ediston Property Investment...106.502.192.08105.25 1.50
Empiric Student Property PLC108.62-0.25-0.23108.75 94.12
EnQuest PLC53.12-0.50-0.9353.75 670.33
Enterprise Inns PLC132.250.370.28131.75 125.20
EP Global Opportunities Tru... .00
Equiniti Group PLC192.120.750.39191.50 21.34
European Investment Trust (...796.00-5.00-0.63800.00 1.40
Exova Group PLC193.00-4.00-2.02198.00 212.35
F&C Capital & Income Invest...288.50-1.00-0.34293.00 .04
F&C Global Smaller Companie...1235.002.000.161237.00 2.78
F&C Private Equity Trust PLC293.00-2.04-0.69296.00 8.05
F&C UK Real Estate Investme...99.750.500.5099.50 40.97
FDM Group (Holdings) PLC630.2534.005.80586.50 4.38
Fenner PLC299.001.250.42298.00 115.35
Fidelity Asian Values PLC366.00-0.45-0.12366.50 17.18
Fidelity Japanese Values PLC105.62-1.38-1.30106.50 14.59
Fidelity Special Values PLC227.250.000.00227.50 57.72
Findel PLC182.620.000.00185.75 .00
Flybe Group PLC44.25-0.16-0.3644.00 235.90
Foresight Solar Fund Ltd105.50-0.37-0.35105.75 9.48
Forterra PLC178.001.380.78177.50 202.84
Foxtons Group PLC91.880.000.0092.00 68.85
Fuller Smith & Turner PLC1002.758.210.82996.00 .01
Funding Circle SME Income F...105.00-0.25-0.24104.50 .14
Fundsmith Emerging Equities...1073.50-7.40-0.681083.00 .37
GAME Digital PLC58.25-2.00-3.3360.00 1.49
GCP Asset Backed Income Fun...106.381.251.18106.00 .01
GCP Student Living PLC106.500.120.12107.00 33.31
Gem Diamonds Ltd116.00-0.76-0.65117.00 2.40
Georgia Healthcare Group PLC357.753.250.94346.75 3.00 Group PLC79.120.130.1778.75 48.56
Goodwin PLC1862.500.000.001820.00 .00
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