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Index Prices
FTSE Fledgling Index Share Prices
Company NameCurrent (p)Change (p)Change (%)Last Close (p)Net Vol (000's)
Aberdeen Japan Investment T...622.502.500.40618.50 2.19
Aberdeen New Thai Investmen...555.500.500.09558.50 5.23
Aberdeen Private Equity Fun...124.620.380.30124.50 12.36
Aberdeen Smaller Companies ...283.500.000.00285.00 31.03
AEW UK REIT PLC102.000.000.00101.50 170.05
Air Partner PLC123.380.000.00124.38 23.85
Alumasc Group PLC169.000.000.00170.00 25.83
Anglesey Mining PLC3. 818.49
Ashley (Laura) Holdings PLC8.08-0.28-3.558.03 591.92
Ashmore Global Opportunitie... 8.001.97380.00 .00
Associated British Engineer... .00
Athelney Trust PLC257.500.000.00254.50 .00
Atlantis Japan Growth Fund Ltd211.000.000.00209.00 30.17
Aurora Investment Trust PLC206.000.000.00203.50 11.78
Avocet Mining PLC18.50-1.00-5.5917.88 32.41
AXA Property Trust Ltd57.12-1.00-1.6759.75 7.96
Baker Steel Resources Trust...43.00-0.25-0.5843.25 76.65
BATM Advanced Communication...25.50-0.87-3.5524.63 78.57
Bioquell PLC260.000.000.00258.50 4.36
BlackRock Commodities Incom...73.75-0.25-0.3376.25 220.03
BlackRock Emerging Europe PLC339.620.880.25349.50 26.59
BlackRock Income and Growth...199.50-0.50-0.25200.50 .00
Blue Planet Investment Trus...48.500.000.0049.00 26.82
Bonmarche Holdings PLC98.502.502.6096.00 317.75
Braemar Shipping Services PLC267.500.000.00300.00 14.00
British & American Investme... .00
Caffyns PLC445.000.000.00445.00 1.42
Candover Investments PLC124.000.000.00120.00 10.88
Cardiff Property (The) PLC1625.000.000.001637.50 .00
CC Japan Income & Growth Tr... 188.08
Centaur Media PLC51.00-0.25-0.4951.25 5.00
Chelverton Growth Trust PLC66.500.000.0066.50 .00
Chelverton Small Companies ...262.00-2.50-0.95263.00 33.43
City Natural Resources High...109.50-1.37-1.17117.75 83.37
Clarke (T) PLC79.250.500.6676.00 10.43
Creightons PLC39.001.754.6437.75 271.36
Dunedin Enterprise Investme...477.00-5.00-1.04479.00 13.34
Electronic Data Processing PLC68.500.000.0068.50 .00
Establishment Investment Tr...220.50-0.50-0.23220.00 3.50
F&C UK High Income Trust PLC4. .00
Flybe Group PLC44.000.752.1135.50 566.51
French Connection Group PLC38.750.000.0039.75 .00
Gabelli Value Plus+ Trust PLC125.50-0.50-0.40125.00 107.96
GAME Digital PLC41.500.370.9439.75 766.39
Global Resources Investment... 6.71
Gresham Technologies PLC195.000.000.00197.50 3.25
Hadrian's Wall Secured Inve... 10.50
Hardy Oil & Gas PLC19.250.000.0019.25 .00
Haynes Publishing Group PLC190.000.000.00192.50 1.61
Henderson Opportunities Tru...1013.50-2.50-0.231065.50 9.27
Highcroft Investments PLC900.000.000.00895.00 .92
Investment Company (The) PLC337.501.000.30336.50 3.60
Jersey Electricity PLC452.500.000.00452.50 .00
JKX Oil & Gas PLC13.00-0.25-2.0012.50 43.36
Johnston Press PLC13.120.000.0014.38 51.52
JPMorgan Brazil Investment ...65.500.871.3564.75 15.31
JPMorgan Income & Capital T...96.00-0.50-0.5296.75 21.18
Jupiter Dividend & Growth T...0.310.000.000.21 254.72
Jupiter Green Investment Tr... 8.64
Jupiter UK Growth Investmen...305.88-3.25-1.05308.25 6.57
LMS Capital PLC47.50-0.12-0.2747.00 .00
Local Shopping REIT (The) PLC32.000.000.0031.13 .00
London Finance & Investment...44.500.000.0044.50 .00
Macfarlane Group PLC76.000.250.3376.75 121.04
Management Consulting Group...6.50-0.12-1.896.63 55.73
Manchester & London Investm...427.38-3.24-0.76429.13 67.90
Menhaden Capital PLC68.500.000.0068.50 .00
Mid Wynd International Inv ...480.000.500.10483.00 11.14
Mithras Investment Trust PLC221.000.000.00222.00 .00
Miton Global Opportunities PLC281.25-1.75-0.62280.25 54.52
Miton UK MicroCap Trust PLC61.750.000.0061.88 145.12
New Star Investment Trust PLC107.000.000.00107.00 .00
Northern Investors Co PLC225.00-1.50-0.66228.50 6.82
North Midland Construction PLC330.000.000.00330.00 .00
Premier Global Infrastructu...154.500.000.00155.00 21.42
PV Crystalox Solar PLC27.500.000.0022.63 55.33
R E A Holdings PLC317.000.000.00325.00 7.75
Record PLC47.251.503.3245.13 181.32
Revolution Bars Group PLC145.75-1.50-1.00150.00 37.58
River and Mercantile UK Mic... 11.99
RM PLC163.001.380.85161.00 26.39
RM Secured Direct Lending PLC101.500.000.00102.50 34.14
Ross Group PLC0.750.000.000.70 .00
Sanditon Investment Trust PLC6.750.000.006.75 .00
ScS Group PLC173.75-1.00-0.57175.50 49.13
Seneca Global Income & Grow...175.500.000.00175.13 24.16
Shires Income PLC269.750.380.14264.13 25.26
Smart (J) & Co (Contractors...105.500.000.00106.00 .00
St Ives PLC76.751.001.3474.50 86.18
SVM UK Emerging Fund PLC84.500.500.6084.00 7.01
Tex Holdings PLC120.500.000.00120.50 .00
Titon Holdings PLC143.50-0.50-0.35144.00 8.50
TOC Property Backed Lending...103.500.000.00103.50 .00
Torotrak PLC0.480.000.000.28 1,637.06
Triad Group PLC60.00-1.50-2.4661.00 5.67
Volex PLC79.750.000.0079.75 .00
Walker Crips Group PLC48.000.000.0048.50 .04

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