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Index Prices
FTSE All Share Index Share Prices
Company NameCurrent (p)Change (p)Change (%)Last Close (p)Net Vol (000's)
3i Group PLC722.00-3.00-0.41725.00 216.73
3i Infrastructure PLC188.701.200.64187.50 98.75
4imprint Group PLC1887.501.000.051879.00 67.99
AA PLC273.650.000.00273.60 107.08
Aberdeen Asian Income Fund Ltd209.122.501.21207.00 172.55
Aberdeen Asian Smaller Comp...983.000.770.08980.00 8.04
Aberdeen Asset Management PLC269.35-2.00-0.74271.30 410.20
Aberdeen New Dawn Investmen...199.50-0.90-0.45199.00 26.97
Aberdeen New India Investme...379.620.880.23381.13 5.77
Aberdeen UK Tracker Trust PLC340.00-2.08-0.61340.88 2.27
Aberforth Geared Income Tru...203.882.251.10203.75 .05
Aberforth Smaller Companies...1111.00-3.00-0.271113.00 17.03
Acacia Mining PLC429.5511.602.77418.20 317.52
Acal PLC234.507.003.04230.00 .58
Admiral Group PLC1776.502.000.111774.00 107.58
Aggreko PLC1007.5020.502.08987.50 193.74
Alcentra European Floating ...102.500.000.00102.25 .59
Aldermore Group PLC217.15-1.40-0.64218.20 167.90
Alliance Trust PLC661.502.750.42658.50 175.27
Allianz Technology Trust PLC853.502.500.30844.50 3.18
Allied Minds PLC408.60-13.50-3.20422.10 103.28
Amec Foster Wheeler PLC475.30-7.47-1.55482.50 223.76
Anglo American PLC1359.7530.502.291329.50 1,643.04
Antofagasta PLC729.254.000.55725.00 798.01
AO World PLC158.501.200.76158.50 296.19
Arrow Global Group PLC301.25-4.50-1.47305.50 5.06
Artemis Alpha Trust PLC276.384.191.53273.50 21.59
Ascential PLC295.754.001.37291.40 23.31
Ashley (Laura) Holdings PLC20.120.000.0019.75 116.46
Ashmore Group PLC293.9010.403.67283.50 958.82
Ashtead Group PLC1617.5017.001.061600.00 253.04
Associated British Foods PLC2592.5013.000.502580.00 174.14
Assura PLC56.620.050.0956.50 139.94
AstraZeneca PLC4617.258.000.174609.00 292.79
Atkins (WS) PLC1475.50-15.00-1.011490.00 55.13
Auto Trader Group PLC397.400.280.07397.20 394.96
AVEVA Group PLC1971.5027.001.391944.00 18.03
Aviva PLC481.70-7.60-1.55489.10 2,387.43
Avon Rubber PLC1044.0010.000.971028.00 .46
Babcock International Group...951.50-2.50-0.26954.00 136.41
BAE Systems PLC614.252.500.41611.50 1,180.90
Baillie Gifford Japan Trust...606.0011.251.88597.50 35.13
Baillie Gifford Shin Nippon...621.500.520.08619.00 13.31
Balfour Beatty PLC269.001.100.41267.70 197.73
Bankers Investment Trust PLC721.006.500.91714.00 33.01
Barclays PLC231.20-4.05-1.72235.25 10,142.80
Baring Emerging Europe PLC742.255.730.77740.00 3.07
Barr (A G) PLC513.501.000.20511.00 10.35
Barratt Developments PLC506.75-9.50-1.84516.00 1,860.65
BBA Aviation PLC286.100.200.07285.90 156.80
BBGI SICAV SA137.000.750.55136.50 93.07
Beazley PLC382.80-1.20-0.31384.00 149.19
Bellway PLC2585.00-26.00-1.002612.00 58.93
Berendsen PLC869.00-6.00-0.69874.50 95.33
Berkeley Group Holdings (Th...2858.00-51.00-1.752909.00 168.46
BGEO Group PLC2753.00-36.00-1.292787.00 62.92
BH Global Ltd1283.00-4.50-0.351285.50 7.61
BH Macro Ltd2095.501.000.052095.00 1.58
BHP Billiton PLC1468.2513.600.941454.50 1,936.59
Biffa PLC184.120.770.42182.75 13.08
Big Yellow Group PLC710.25-4.00-0.56714.50 26.12
Biotech Growth Trust (The) PLC736.250.690.09734.00 21.61
BlackRock Frontiers Investm...141.00-0.84-0.59142.75 32.06
BlackRock Greater Europe In...289.500.520.18288.50 11.43
BlackRock Income Strategies...108.00-0.50-0.46108.50 125.50
BlackRock Latin American In...413.12-3.35-0.81413.50 7.22
BlackRock North American In...172.75-3.00-1.72174.50 24.97
BlackRock Smaller Companies...1002.0021.422.16993.00 13.60
BlackRock Throgmorton Trust...356.500.020.01356.00 .35
BlackRock World Mining Trus...369.25-0.32-0.09369.00 193.32
Bloomsbury Publishing PLC164.880.570.34165.25 1.02
Bluefield Solar Income Fund...108.00-0.35-0.32108.50 40.61
B&M European Value Retail SA303.05-1.60-0.53304.70 284.30
Bodycote PLC634.25-6.50-1.01640.50 100.88
Booker Group PLC186.60-0.10-0.05186.70 371.54
Boot (Henry) PLC198.62-0.25-0.13196.75 1.91
Bovis Homes Group PLC829.75-10.50-1.25840.00 154.04
BP PLC516.55-1.50-0.29518.00 4,651.19
Braemar Shipping Services PLC301.50-1.85-0.61301.88 18.29
Brammer PLC164.380.000.00164.25 54.01
Brewin Dolphin Holdings PLC306.65-1.50-0.49308.00 62.57
British American Tobacco PLC4745.2515.500.334729.50 399.16
British Empire Trust PLC664.753.000.45660.50 32.29
British Land Co PLC620.752.500.40618.00 746.21
Britvic PLC583.25-2.50-0.43586.00 126.02
Brown (N) Group PLC209.60-0.60-0.29209.80 72.79
Brunner Investment Trust (T...637.252.880.46632.50 6.08
BTG PLC606.752.000.33605.00 55.35
BT Group PLC390.05-1.75-0.45391.75 2,582.05
Bunzl PLC2144.509.000.422136.00 77.13
Burberry Group PLC1633.0021.001.301611.00 614.84
Cairn Energy PLC241.75-1.00-0.41242.40 148.35
Caledonia Investments PLC2759.50-7.00-0.252761.00 4.75
Cambian Group PLC136.750.500.37135.50 52.25
Cape PLC177.75-0.72-0.40179.00 42.50
Capita PLC513.75-1.50-0.29515.50 605.15
Capital & Counties Properti...272.80-2.90-1.05275.80 694.36
Capital Gearing Trust PLC3839.505.350.143827.50 1.12
Capital & Regional PLC57.880.500.8757.50 181.73
Carclo PLC143.001.431.01141.75 10.71
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