IN BRIEF: Invesco Asia Net Assets Rise; Outperforms Benchmark

Invesco Asia Trust PLC - Asia-focused investor - Interim net assets at October 31, up 24% to ...

Alliance News 25 January, 2021 | 8:25PM
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Invesco Asia Trust PLC - Asia-focused investor - Interim net assets at October 31, up 24% to GBP231.7 million compared to GBP186.9 million at April 30. October 31 NAV per share 346.62 pence, up 24% from 279.64p at April 30. Company's net asset value increases by 24.0% over the six months to October 31, which compares to the benchmark MSCI AC Asia ex Japan Index return of 19%. Declares a first interim dividend of 6.7p per share.

Chair Neil Rogan says: "Overall there are too many variables to make a confident prediction of absolute returns from here. But the case for Asia relative to the world does appear strong and that is a good starting point. Moreover, political uncertainties have risen to the fore. Political risk has always been a feature of investing in stock markets and it is particularly so in Asia.

"While political risk can lead to falls in stock markets, it can also lead to opportunities for gains. One of the reasons why Asian markets have typically traded at lower valuations than, say, America is the political risk discount. The recent US Executive Order restricting US persons from investing in certain Chinese companies has affected some of our institutional shareholders who manage money on behalf of American citizens."

Current stock price: 408 pence

Year-to-date change: up 14%

By Arvind Bhunjun;

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Invesco Asia Ord 380.00 GBX -0.52

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