Ireland Trade Surplus Rises But Activity With Great Britain Declines

(Alliance News) - Ireland's trade surplus increased in September, the Central Statistics Office ...

Alliance News 15 November, 2019 | 11:57AM
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(Alliance News) - Ireland's trade surplus increased in September, the Central Statistics Office said on Friday, with exports and imports to Great Britain both declining.

Exports in September rose 6% to EUR12.72 billion in September from August, the CSO said, with imports decreasing by 10% to EUR6.67 billion. This has increased Ireland's trade surplus by 30% in September from August to EUR6.05 billion.

On a yearly basis, exports were up 7% in September to EUR12.34 billion and imports fell 20% to EUR6.61 billion.

Both exports and imports to Great Britain - meaning excluding Northern Ireland - declined. Exports were down 9% to EUR1.11 billion year-on-year due to declining exports of mineral fuels, lubricants, food, and live animals. Exports to Great Britain made up 9% of all exports.

Imports from Great Britain in September dipped 6% to EUR1.45 billion year-on-year, again due to declines for mineral fuels and lubricants.

Some 44% of exports in September went to the EU, with the US making up 37%. The EU provided 59% of imports, and the US 15%.

By George Collard;

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