Tekcapital Investee Salarius Files Additional Patent for MicroSalt

(Alliance News) - Intellectual property investment company Tekcapital PLC said Monday its ...

Alliance News 12 August, 2019 | 12:17PM
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(Alliance News) - Intellectual property investment company Tekcapital PLC said Monday its investee Salarius Ltd has filed an additional patent application for MicroSalt.

The new patent is title "improved low sodium salt composition".

"MicroSalt is a proprietary salt made with micron-size salt particles that dissolve in the mouth significantly faster than regular salt, delivering an increased sensation of saltiness with much less salt, and as a result approximately 50% less sodium," the company explained.

Tekcapital said MicoroSalt is also capable of improving the adhesion of salt to food during shipping and display.

The company continued: "Snack food manufacturers have continued to face major problems with inconsistent flavour and product waste, possibly losing loyal customers over time and increased manufacturing costs, from having to add more salt to each package to over-compensate for settling. By the time consumers purchase and actually open bags of salty snack foods, often inconsistent salt flavour occurs due to poor salt adhesion, with the wasted salt ending up at the bottom of the bag."

Tekcapital Executive Chair Clifford Gross added: "We are delighted with Salarius' continued progress to enhance its intellectual property. MicroSalt has the potential to empower companies and consumers worldwide to enjoy full-flavour snacks with reduced sodium."

Tekcapital owns 97.5% of Salarius.

Shares in Tekcapital were 3.7% higher in London on Monday at 7.00 pence each.

By Paul McGowan; paulmcgowan@alliancenews.com

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