Ryanair Recognizes Strikes As Reason For German Passenger Compensation

HAMBURG (Alliance News) - Dublin-based budget carrier Ryanair Holdings PLC has paid damages to ...

Alliance News 14 May, 2019 | 6:42AM
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HAMBURG (Alliance News) - Dublin-based budget carrier Ryanair Holdings PLC has paid damages to individual passengers whose flights did not reach their destinations on time due to strikes, a Hamburg court said Monday.

In at least five legal proceedings, Ryanair recognized the demands of the plaintiff, a Hamburg court spokesman said.

Ryanair declined to comment on the proceedings.

Ryanair has previously refused to compensate passengers whose flights were cancelled due to strikes by Ryanair staff.

Under EU legislation for flight cancellations, an airline should pay EUR250 to each passenger, unless they are informed at least two weeks in advance or are offered alternative flights arriving at their destination the same day.

An airline can withhold compensation if it can show that the cancellation is "caused by extraordinary circumstances which could not have been avoided even if all reasonable measures had been taken," according to the rules.

Last year, Ryanair argued that no compensation is payable "when the union is acting unreasonably and totally beyond the airline's control."

Air travel legal service provider Flightright, which has submitted lawsuits on behalf of hundreds of clients, disagrees, saying the company has provoked strikes with years of low wages and could have avoided an escalation of the labour action.

Flightright legal expert Oskar de Felice said the airline's behaviour was tactical, saying Ryanair wants to prevent the Hamburg court from pushing the issue on to the European Court of Justice.

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