IXICO Selected As Partner For London Medical Imaging & AI Centre

LONDON (Alliance News) - Data analytics company IXICO PLC said on Friday it has been selected as ...

Alliance News 1 March, 2019 | 10:08AM
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LONDON (Alliance News) - Data analytics company IXICO PLC said on Friday it has been selected as a partner for the newly established London Medical Imaging & Artificial Intelligence Centre for value-based healthcare.

The new centre will develop and train artificial intelligence algorithms from NHS medical images and patient data to provide tools to speed up and improve diagnosis and care for dementia, heart failure, and cancer.

IXICO's role is to provide expertise in neuroimaging and data analysis, to accelerate the development of the AI products to support improved decision-making.

"We are excited to be selected to be part of this flagship UK government initiative to ensure that UK science is at the forefront of the application and impact of artificial intelligence to the future of healthcare. The development and application of artificial intelligence technology will enable IXICO to develop highly valued, innovative solutions to our biopharmaceutical clients in support of their neuroscience clinical development programmes," said Chief Executive Giulio Cerroni.

Shares in IXICO were up 0.7% at 30.20 pence on Friday.

By Dayo Laniyan; dayolaniyan@alliancenews.com

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