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  • Portfolio Manager - Basic Track and analyse your portfolio
  • Portfolio Manager - Advanced Track and analyse up to 10 portfolios, using unique tools such as Portfolio X-Ray and Stock Intersection
  • Instant X-Ray Decipher your portfolio's basic characteristics at a glance, including asset allocation and exposure to different investment styles
  • Investment Goal Calculator Find out if you're on track to meet your investment goals, test the outcome of various different scenarios
  • Fund Performance Calculator Calculate and display returns over your chosen time period
  • PDF Reports Download PDF reports of Morningstar’s far-reaching data on funds and stocks

    Fund Research

  • Financial data Covering more than 13,000 funds
  • Fund QuickRank Search for and rank funds by category, performance, expense ratio, and other parameters
  • Fund Screener Screen for funds according to your chosen criteria, include expense ratio, volatility, Morningstar Ratings, initial purchase, ISA status, and much more
  • Find Similar Find alternative funds with similar characteristics to your chosen fund or flag funds that too closely resemble your current holdings
  • Morningstar Fund Research Independent research on over 500 funds

    Stock Research

  • Financial Data Covering more than 7,000 stocks
  • Key Company Information Key dates, historical dividend payments and regulatory news indicators
  • Morningstar Equity Research Independent research on over 1,000 companies
  • Broker Equity Forecasts Earnings forecasts and investment recommendations from over 55 industry brokers
  • Director Dealings Track director dealings and filter stocks according to directors' purchases and sales
  • Company Changes IPOs, mergers and acquisitions, delistings, new companies, name changes
  • Company Financial Data Access 10 years' worth of income statements, balance sheets and cashflow data
  • Corporate Calendar Future earnings announcements, dividend dates, shareholder events and more
  • News Archive Filtering Filter news by index, sector and sub-sector
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