TRIGON - New Europe Fund E EUR

Morningstar Rating™(Relative to Category)30/04/2020
 Morningstar ReturnMorningstar RiskMorningstar Rating™
3-Year*Above AverageHigh4 star
5-Year*Above AverageHigh4 star
10-Year*HighAverage5 star
Overall*HighAbove Average5 star
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1 Year Daily Volatility Chart (annualised)
  • TRIGON - New Europe Fund E EUR
Volatility Measurements30/04/2020
3-Yr Std Dev*20.28 %
3-Yr Mean Return*-1.42 %
3-Yr Sharpe Ratio*-0.10
Modern Portfolio Statistics-30/04/2020
 Standard IndexBest Fit Index
   Wiener Borse CECE Overall PR EUR
3-Yr Beta*-0.91
3-Yr Alpha*-6.69
* This share class has performance data calculated prior to the inception date, 2018-04-09. This is based upon a simulated/extended track record, using the track record of Trigon New Europe Fund C (ISIN: EE3600102372), and is in accordance with Morningstar’s Extended Performance Methodology paper. To find out more about this, click here.
In order to provide consistency across the report data provided by different Asset Managers, the calculated data points presented are generated using Morningstar’s proprietary calculation methodology which is set out in more detail at(

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