Allianz Global Investors Fund - Allianz Global Credit SRI IT USD

Legal StructureSICAV
Inception Date04/11/2016
Fund Advisor(s)
Allianz Global Investors GmbH, UK Branch – London
Fund ManagerMalie Conway
Manager Start Date04/11/2016
Career Start Year1986
Southbank University, B.A.
Malie is Chief Investment Officer (CIO), Global Fixed Income with Allianz Global Investors and continues to lead the team at Rogge Global Partners (RGP) post RGP’s acquisition by AllianzGI. RGP is the pioneer of global fixed income, and in turn was one of the first global credit investors. Malie, in her previous role as co-CIO at RGP, covers not only investment grade credit, but also high yield, emerging market and structured credit. Over the last 18 years at RGP, Malie and her team have created an enviable track record consistently outperforming benchmarks while maintaining a conservative investment approach. Through senior roles at JP Morgan Asset Management and Rothschild Asset Management, Malie honed her fixed income investing skills before setting up Global Credit for RGP in 1998. Malie has a B.A. in finance and marketing from Southbank University, United Kingdom.
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