Nordea 1 - Norwegian Bond Fund AC NOK

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Legal StructureSICAV
Inception Date20/08/2015
Fund Advisor(s)
Nordea Investment Management AB
Fund ManagerHarald Willersrud
Manager Start Date01/01/2016
Career Start Year1994
Norwegian School of Management, M.S.
Harald Willersrud has been with Nordea since 1994. In the period 1994 to 2003, he held various positions in Nordea's Norwegian fund arm Nordea Fondene Norge, first as investment advisor and analyst followed by four years as portfolio manager. Since 1999, he has been responsible for Norwegian fixed income funds, in addition to covering credits and FX hedging for NIM Norway clients. Harald holds a MSc. in Business Administration from the Norwegian School of Management and is a Certified Fixed Income Analyst.
Fund ManagerLars Løtvedt
Manager Start Date01/01/2016
Lars Løtvedt has specialised experience within the Norwegian Fixed Income market which he has worked in since 2008. Prior to joining Nordea in 2015, Lars held the position as Head of Fixed Income and as Bank/Credit Analyst with the Norwegian broker/dealer Norne Securities. Lars holds a M.Sc. in Business from the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH). Among his responsibilities in Nordea are product development, presentations and client relations. He also joins the portfolio managers in the team based management of the Norwegian Fixed Income funds and mandates.
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