Barclays Portfolios SICAV - Barclays GlobalBeta Portfolio 1 K Acc GBP

Performance History31/12/2016
Growth of 1,000 (GBP) Advanced Graph
Barclays Portfolios SICAV - Barclays GlobalBeta Portfolio 1 K Acc GBP
Key Stats
 GBP 13.76
Day Change 0.31%
Morningstar Category™ GBP Moderately Cautious Allocation
IA (formerly IMA) Sector -
ISIN LU0557423752
Fund Size (Mil)
 GBP 12.48
Share Class Size (Mil)
 GBP 0.00
Max Initial Charge 5.25%
Ongoing Charge
Investment Objective: Barclays Portfolios SICAV - Barclays GlobalBeta Portfolio 1 K Acc GBP
The aim is to achieve an ongoing source of income with potential to increase the value of your investment by investing in other investment funds. The Fund is actively managed and is known as a “fund of funds” which means that it invests mainly in other investment funds, as opposed to investing directly in shares or tradable debt. These underlying funds may include funds traded on major stock exchanges (known as exchange traded funds) and will normally provide exposure to different asset types across various markets in a ‘passive’ manner, i.e. without active stock selection. The Fund adopts a low risk investment approach. The Fund may use financial contracts (derivatives) to help achieve its aim and to manage risk, reduce costs and improve results. Income is not paid out and is rolled up (accumulated) into the value of your investment. Recommendation: this Fund may not be appropriate for investors who plan to withdraw their money within 5 years.
Trailing Returns (GBP)28/12/2016
3 Years Annualised3.53
5 Years Annualised-
10 Years Annualised-
12 Month Yield 0.00
Manager Name
Start Date
Not Disclosed
Inception Date
Category Benchmark
Fund BenchmarkMorningstar Benchmark
Not BenchmarkedMorningstar UK Moderately Cautious
Target Market
Role In Portfolio
Standalone / CoreNot Specific
ComponentNot Specific
OtherNot Specific
Primary Objective
PreservationNot Specific
GrowthNot Specific
IncomeNot Specific
HedgingNot Specific
OtherNot Specific
Portfolio Profile for  Barclays Portfolios SICAV - Barclays GlobalBeta Portfolio 1 K Acc GBP31/08/2020
Morningstar Style Box®
Equity Style
Morningstar Style Box®
Fixed Income Style
Asset Allocation
  % Long% Short% Net Assets
Fixed Income
Effective Maturity2.61
Effective Duration2.73
Top 5 Regions%
United States50.97
Asia - Emerging13.13
Asia - Developed6.93
Top 5 Sectors%
Financial Services15.03
Consumer Cyclical12.15
Communication Services10.55
Top 5 HoldingsSector%
BlackRock ICS US Treasury Agency... 16.72
iShares $ Treasury Bd 1-3y ETF U... 14.99
iShares $ Treasury Bd 1-3y ETF U... 14.99
iShares € Govt Bond 1-3yr ETF EU... 13.67
iShares North America Idx (IE) F... 6.94
Barclays Portfolios SICAV - Barclays GlobalBeta Portfolio 1 K Acc GBP


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