MI TwentyFour AM Dynamic Bond Fund A Accumulation shares

Fixed Income Style30/04/2020
Morningstar Style Box®
Fixed Income Style
SizeRel to Cat
Total Market Value (Mil)GBP 1898
Maturity Distribution %
1 to 314.59
3 to 510.68
5 to 723.08
7 to 1015.41
10 to 159.54
15 to 201.59
20 to 3018.25
Over 306.83
Effective Maturity-
Effective Duration-
Credit Quality Breakdown %     %
AAA21.10   BB18.33
AA0.55   B47.55
A1.79   Below B0.00
BBB10.69   Not Rated0.00
Asset Allocation30/04/2020
Asset Allocation
 % Long% Short% Net Assets
Top 10 Holdings30/04/2020
Total Number of Equity Holdings1
Total Number of Bond Holdings260
Assets in Top 10 Holdings29.94
NameSectorCountry% of Assets
United States Treasury Notes 1.12%United States10.16
United States Treasury Notes 0.38%United States10.13
Nationwide Building Society103United Kingdom1.94
Coventry Building Society 6.88%United Kingdom1.92
Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB (pub... Sweden1.32
Lloyds Bank plc 13%United Kingdom1.17
Bracken Midco One 8.88%United Kingdom0.84
Rothesay Life PLC 6.88%United Kingdom0.83
Virgin Money UK PLC 8.75%United Kingdom0.83
Intesa Sanpaolo S.p.A. 7%Italy0.81
In order to provide consistency across the report data provided by different Asset Managers, the calculated data points presented are generated using Morningstar’s proprietary calculation methodology which is set out in more detail at(https://www.morningstar.com/research/signature)

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