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Lloyds TSB Managed UK Series 2 Pension Fund

Performance History31/10/2015
Growth of 1,000 (GBP) Advanced Graph
Lloyds TSB Managed UK Series 2 Pension Fund
Key Stats
 GBX 126.30
Day Change 0.00%
ABI Sector Specialist (Pen)
ISIN GB00B0706Z93
Fund Size (Mil)
Share Class Size (Mil)
Stakeholder No
*  This rating and report were issued for the underlying fund and not the insurance product. Fees of insurance products may be higher, which can negatively impact returns. Insurance products may also hold cash outside the underlying fund, which can strongly affect performance.
Investment Objective: Lloyds TSB Managed UK Series 2 Pension Fund
Trailing Returns30/11/2015
3 Years Annualised0.00
5 Years Annualised0.00
10 Years Annualised1.54
12 Month Yield -
Manager Name
Start Date
Inception Date
Category Benchmark
Fund BenchmarkMorningstar Benchmark
Portfolio Profile for  Lloyds TSB Managed UK Series 2 Pension Fund-
Morningstar Style Box®
Equity Style
Morningstar Style Box®
Fixed Income Style
Asset Allocation
  % Long% Short% Net Assets
Fixed Income
Effective Maturity-
Effective Duration-
Top 5 Regions%
No Data Available
Top 5 Sectors%
No Data Available
Top 5 HoldingsSector%
No Data Available
Lloyds TSB Managed UK Series 2 Pension Fund
Fund prices are updated every weekday after the close of trading and before 11pm wherever possible. Performance figures are presented in British Sterling (GBP). Fund returns are based upon NAV to NAV or Bid to Bid on an income reinvested basis. UK-domiciled funds report after-tax dividends. Non-UK-domiciled funds report gross dividends. Pension funds report after-tax returns.