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Local TimeCountryEventFriday 8 December 08:30ESTCanadaIndustrial capacity utilization ...

Alliance News 7 December, 2017 | 4:07PM
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Local TimeCountryEvent
Friday 8 December 
08:30ESTCanadaIndustrial capacity utilization rates
08:15ESTCanadaHousing Starts
  ChinaCommodities Trade Data
  ChinaEnergy Trade Data
08:45CETFranceIndustrial production index
08:00CETGermanyLabour cost index
08:00CETGermanyForeign Trade
  ItalyItaly: Immaculate Conception Day
  JapanProvisional Labour Survey - Earnings, Employment & Hours Worked
08:50JSTJapanBank Lending
14:00JSTJapanEconomy Watchers Survey
08:50JSTJapan2nd Preliminary Quarterly GDP Estimates
08:50JSTJapanBalance of Payments
08:50JSTJapanInternational Transactions in Securities
08:50JSTJapanQuarterly External Debt & International Investment Position
  SpainSpain: Immaculate Conception Day
  SwitzerlandSwitzerland: Immaculate Conception Day
01:01GMTUKMarkit / REC Report on Jobs
09:30GMTUKManufacturing and industrial production
09:30GMTUKBank of England Quarterly Inflation Attitudes Survey
09:30GMTUKUK trade
13:00GMTUKNIESR Monthly GDP Estimates
08:30ESTUSUnemployment data
10:00ESTUSISM Manufacturing & Non-Manufacturing Report 
10:00ESTUSMonthly Wholesale Trade
10:00ESTUSUniversity of Michigan Survey of Consumers
Monday 11 December 
12:00CETFranceOECD Composite Leading Indicators
  GermanyBalance of Payments
10:00CETItalyRetail Sales
08:50JSTJapanMoney Stock, Broadly-defined Liquidity
08:50JSTJapanBusiness Outlook Survey
15:00JSTJapanPreliminary Machine Tool Orders
00:01GMTUKRightmove Monthly House Price Index
01:01GMTUKUK Regional PMI
10:00ESTUSEmployment Trends Index
10:00ESTUSJob Openings & Labor Turnover Survey
Tuesday 12 December 
10:00CETEULong term interest rates statistics
07:30CETFranceJob creation
12:00CETFranceOECD Harmonised Unemployment Rates
11:00CETGermanyZEW Indicator of Economic Sentiment
08:50JSTJapanCorporate Goods Price Index
13:30JSTJapanTertiary Industry Index
00:01GMTUKManpower UK Employment Outlook Survey
09:30GMTUKUK House Price Index
09:30GMTUKConsumer Price Index 
09:30GMTUKProducer Price Index
09:30GMTUKUK Finance mortgage lending trends 
06:00ESTUSNFIB Index of Small Business Optimism
07:45ESTUSThe Retail Economist/Goldman Sachs Weekly Chain Store Sales Index
08:55ESTUSJohnson Redbook Retail Sales Index
14:00ESTUSMonthly Treasury Statement of Receipts & Outlays of the US Govt
16:30ESTUSAPI Weekly Statistical Bulletin
Wednesday 13 December 
11:00CETEUIndustrial Production
10:00CETItalyIndustrial Production
08:50JSTJapanOrders Received for Machinery
13:30JSTJapanRevised Retail Sales
09:30GMTUKUnemployment data
07:00ESTUSMBA Weekly Mortgage Applications Survey
08:30ESTUSTravel & Tourism Satellite Account
08:30ESTUSReal Earnings
10:30ESTUSEIA Weekly Petroleum Status Report
Thursday 14 December 
08:30ESTCanadaNew Housing Price Index
08:30ESTCanadaNew motor vehicle sales
10:00CCTChinaFixed Assets Investment
10:00CCTChinaRetail sales
10:00CCTChinaIndustrial Output
10:00CETEUEurozone Flash PMI
  EUNew Passenger Car Registrations in Europe statistics
09:00CETFranceFrance Flash PMI
10:00CETFranceIEA Oil Market Report
12:00CETFranceOECD Quarterly National Accounts G20 GDP growth
09:30CETGermanyGermany Flash PMI
10:00CETGermanyIfo Economic Forecast
09:30JSTJapanJapan Flash Manufacturing PMI
13:30JSTJapanRevised Industrial Production
09:15CETSwitzerlandImport Price Index
00:01GMTUKRICS Residential Market Survey
09:30GMTUKRetail Sales
08:30ESTUSImport & Export Price Indices
08:30ESTUSAdvance Monthly Sales for Retail & Food Services
09:45ESTUSUS Flash Manufacturing PMI
09:45ESTUSBloomberg Consumer Comfort Index
09:45ESTUSUS Flash Services PMI
10:00ESTUSManufacturing & Trade: Inventories & Sales
10:30ESTUSEIA Weekly Natural Gas Storage Report
16:30ESTUSFederal Discount Window Borrowings
16:30ESTUSMoney Stock Measures
16:30ESTUSForeign Central Bank Holdings

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