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Alliance News 13 September, 2017 | 4:11PM
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Thursday, September 14  
00:01UKRICS Housing Price Balance0%1%
00:50JapanForeign investment in Japan stocks ¥-158.3B
00:50JapanForeign bond investment ¥-117.9B
n/aChinaM2 Money Supply (YoY)9.10%9.20%
03:00ChinaRetail Sales (YoY)10.50%10.40%
03:00ChinaIndustrial Production (YoY)6.60%6.40%
03:00ChinaUrban investment (YTD) (YoY)8.20%8.30%
n/aChinaNew Loans900.0B825.5B
n/aChinaFDI - Foreign Direct Investment (YTD) (YoY) -1.20%
05:30JapanIndustrial Production (YoY) 4.70%
05:30JapanIndustrial Production (MoM)-0.80%-0.80%
05:30JapanCapacity Utilization 2.10%
07:45FranceConsumer Price Index (EU norm) (MoM)0.60%-0.40%
07:45FranceInflation ex-tobacco (MoM) -0.40%
07:45FranceConsumer Price Index (EU norm) (YoY)1%1%
08:30SwitzerlandSNB Interest Rate Decision-0.75%-0.75%
09:00ItalyConsumer Price Index (YoY)1.20%1.20%
09:00ItalyConsumer Price Index (MoM)0.30%0.30%
09:00ItalyConsumer Price Index (EU Norm) (MoM)0.10%0.10%
09:00ItalyConsumer Price Index (EU Norm) (YoY)1.40%1.40%
12:00UKBoE Interest Rate Decision0.25%0.25%
12:00UKBoE Asset Purchase Facility£435B£435B
12:00UKMonetary Policy Summary   
12:00UKBOE MPC Vote Cut00
12:00UKBOE MPC Vote Unchanged76
12:00UKBOE MPC Vote Hike22
12:00UKBank of England Minutes   
13:30USInitial Jobless Claims300K298K
13:30USContinuing Jobless Claims1.985M1.940M
13:30USConsumer Price Index n.s.a (MoM)245.34244.79
13:30USConsumer Price Index Core s.a 251.91
13:30USConsumer Price Index (MoM)0.30%0.10%
13:30USConsumer Price Index Ex Food & Energy (MoM)0.20%0.10%
13:30USConsumer Price Index (YoY)1.80%1.70%
13:30USConsumer Price Index Ex Food & Energy (YoY)1.60%1.70%
13:30CanadaNew Housing Price Index (MoM)0.30%0.20%
13:30CanadaNew Housing Price Index (YoY) 3.90%
15:30USEIA Natural Gas Storage change 65B
16:30GermanyGerman Buba President Weidmann speech   
Friday, September 15   
11:00EUTrade Balance n.s.a. €26.6B
11:00EUTrade Balance s.a. €22.3B
11:00EULabour cost 1.50%
11:00IrelandGross Domestic Product (QoQ) -2.60%
11:00IrelandGross Domestic Product (YoY) 6.10%
12:00UKBoE Quarterly Bulletin   
13:30USNY Empire State Manufacturing Index20.525.2
13:30USRetail Sales ex Autos (MoM)0.40%0.50%
13:30USRetail Sales control group0.30%0.60%
13:30USRetail Sales (MoM)0.10%0.60%
14:15USCapacity Utilization76.80%76.70%
14:15USIndustrial Production (MoM)0.20%0.20%
15:00USMichigan Consumer Sentiment Index Preliminary95.196.8
15:00USBusiness Inventories0.30%0.50%
18:00USBaker Hughes US Oil Rig Count 756
Monday, September 18  
00:01UKRightmove House Price Index (MoM) -0.90%
00:01UKRightmove House Price Index (YoY) 3.10%
All DayJapanRespect-for-the-Aged Day Bank Holiday  
02:30ChinaHouse Price Index 9.70%
09:00ItalyTrade Balance EU €1.22B
10:00ItalyGlobal Trade Balance €4.5B
10:00EUConsumer Price Index - Core (YoY) 1.30%
10:00EUConsumer Price Index (MoM)-0.20%-0.50%
10:00EUConsumer Price Index - Core (MoM) -0.60%
10:00EUConsumer Price Index (YoY)1.50%1.50%
n/aGermanyGerman Buba Monthly Report   
13:30CanadaCanadian portfolio investment in foreign securities $13.22B
13:30CanadaForeign portfolio investment in Canadian securities $-0.92B
15:00USNAHB Housing Market Index6768
21:00USTotal Net TIC Flows $7.7B
21:00USNet Long-Term TIC Flows $34.4B
Tuesday, September 19  
09:00EUCurrent Account s.a €21.2B
09:00EUCurrent Account n.s.a €28.1B
10:00EUConstruction Output w.d.a (YoY) 3.40%
10:00EUConstruction Output s.a (MoM) -0.50%
10:00GermanyZEW Survey - Economic Sentiment 10
10:00EUZEW Survey - Economic Sentiment 29.3
10:00GermanyZEW Survey - Current Situation 86.7
n/aSpain9-Month Letras Auction -0.40%
n/aSpain3-Month Letras Auction -0.45%
13:30USBuilding Permits Change -4.10%
13:30USHousing Starts Change -4.80%
13:30USHousing Starts (MoM)1.168M1.155M
13:30USBuilding Permits (MoM)1.200M1.223M
13:30USCurrent Account $-116.8B
13:30CanadaManufacturing Shipments (MoM) -1.80%
13:30USImport Price Index (MoM)0.20%0.10%
13:30USImport Price Index (YoY) 1.50%
13:30USExport Price Index (MoM)0.20%0.40%
13:30USExport Price Index (YoY) 0.80%
13:55USRedbook index (YoY) 4.50%
13:55USRedbook index (MoM) 0.30%
21:30USAPI Weekly Crude Oil Stock 6.181M
Wednesday, September 20  
00:50JapanImports (YoY) 16.30%
00:50JapanExports (YoY) 13.40%
00:50JapanAdjusted Merchandise Trade Balance ¥337.4B
00:50JapanMerchandise Trade Balance Total ¥418.8B
07:00GermanyProducer Price Index (MoM) 0.20%
07:00GermanyProducer Price Index (YoY) 2.30%
08:00EUNon-monetary policy's ECB meeting  
09:30UKRetail Sales ex-Fuel (YoY)1.50%1.50%
09:30UKRetail Sales ex-Fuel (MoM)0.10%0.50%
09:30UKRetail Sales (MoM)0.20%0.30%
09:30UKRetail Sales (YoY)1.10%1.30%
11:00UKCBI Industrial Trends Survey - Orders (MoM) 13
12:00USMBA Mortgage Applications 9.90%
14:00SwitzerlandSNB Quarterly Bulletin   
15:00USExisting Home Sales (MoM)5.48M5.44M
15:00USExisting Home Sales Change (MoM) -1.30%
15:30USEIA Crude Oil Stocks change  
19:00USFOMC Economic Projections   
19:00USFed Interest Rate Decision 1.25%
19:30USFOMC Press conference   
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