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Alliance News 18 February, 2017 | 12:30AM
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Sunday, February 19   
23:50JapanAdjusted Merchandise Trade Balance ¥356.7B
23:50JapanMerchandise Trade Balance Total¥-636.8B¥641.4B
23:50JapanImports (YoY)4.70%-2.60%
23:50JapanExports (YoY)4.70%5.40%
Monday, February 20   
All DayUSPresident's Day  
All DayCanadaFamily Day  
00:01UKRightmove House Price Index (MoM) 0.40%
00:01UKRightmove House Price Index (YoY) 3.20%
01:15USFOMC Member Mester speech   
07:00GermanyProducer Price Index (MoM)0.20%0.40%
07:00GermanyProducer Price Index (YoY)1.90%1.00%
11:00GermanyGerman Buba Monthly Report   
11:00UKCBI Industrial Trends Survey - Orders (MoM) 5
13:30CanadaWholesale Sales (MoM) 0.20%
15:00EUConsumer Confidence Preliminary-4.85-4.7
Tuesday, February 21   
00:30JapanNikkei Manufacturing PMI Preliminary 52.7
04:30JapanAll Industry Activity Index (MoM) 0.30%
07:00SwitzerlandTrade Balance 2.716M
07:00SwitzerlandExports (MoM) 9.9M
07:00SwitzerlandImports (MoM) -0.8M
07:45FranceConsumer Price Index (EU norm) (YoY) 1.60%
07:45FranceConsumer Price Index (EU norm) (MoM) 0.30%
07:45FranceInflation ex-tobacco (MoM) 0.30%
08:00FranceMarkit Services PMI Preliminary 54.1
08:00FranceMarkit Manufacturing PMI Preliminary 53.6
08:00FranceMarkit PMI Composite Preliminary 54
08:30GermanyMarkit PMI Composite Preliminary 54.8
08:30GermanyMarkit Manufacturing PMI Preliminary5656.4
08:30GermanyMarkit Services PMI Preliminary53.653.4
09:00Spain3-Month Letras Auction -0.48%
09:00Spain9-Month Letras Auction -0.34%
09:00EUMarkit PMI Composite Preliminary54.254.4
09:00EUMarkit Services PMI Preliminary53.853.7
09:00EUMarkit Manufacturing PMI Preliminary5555.2
09:30UKPublic Sector Net Borrowing £6.421B
11:00IrelandHICP (MoM) -0.10%
11:00IrelandHICP (YoY) -0.20%
11:00IrelandConsumer Price Index (YoY) 0%
11:00IrelandConsumer Price Index (MoM) 0%
14:45USMarkit Manufacturing PMI Preliminary54.855
14:45USMarkit PMI Composite Preliminary 55.8
14:45USMarkit Services PMI Preliminary 55.6
16:30US4-Week Bill Auction 0.52%
16:30US3-Month Bill Auction 0.54%
16:30US6-Month Bill Auction 0.65%
17:00USFOMC Member Harker Speech   
18:00US2-Year Note Auction 1.21%
Wednesday, February 22  
01:30ChinaHouse Price Index 12.40%
08:30UKIndex of Services (3M/3M) 1%
09:00SwitzerlandZEW Survey - Expectations 18.5
09:00ItalyConsumer Price Index (EU Norm) (MoM) -2%
09:00ItalyConsumer Price Index (YoY) 0.90%
09:00ItalyConsumer Price Index (MoM) 0.20%
09:00ItalyConsumer Price Index (EU Norm) (YoY)0.70%0.70%
09:00GermanyIFO - Current Assessment116.7116.9
09:00GermanyIFO - Expectations103103.2
09:00GermanyIFO - Business Climate109.7109.8
09:30UKGross Domestic Product (QoQ) Preliminary0.60%0.60%
09:30UKGross Domestic Product (YoY) Preliminary2.20%2.20%
09:30UKTotal Business Investment (QoQ) Preliminary 0.40%
09:30UKTotal Business Investment (YoY) Preliminary -2.20%
10:00EUConsumer Price Index (MoM)-0.80%0.50%
10:00EUConsumer Price Index (YoY)1.80%1.80%
10:00EUConsumer Price Index - Core (YoY) 0.90%
10:00EUConsumer Price Index - Core (MoM) 0.40%
n/aGermany30-y Bond Auction 1.20%
10:30EUTargeted LTRO €62.2B
12:00USMBA Mortgage Applications -8%
13:30CanadaRetail Sales ex Autos (MoM) 0.10%
13:30CanadaRetail Sales (MoM) 0.20%
13:55USRedbook index (YoY) 0.90%
13:55USRedbook index (MoM) 0.40%
14:00ChinaCB Leading Economic Index 0.80%
15:00USExisting Home Sales (MoM)5.55M5.49M
15:00USExisting Home Sales Change (MoM) -2.80%
18:00US5-Year Note Auction 1.99%
19:00USFOMC Minutes   
21:30USAPI Weekly Crude Oil Stock 9.94M
23:50JapanCorporate Service Price (YoY) 0.40%
23:50JapanForeign investment in Japan stocks ¥175.6B
23:50JapanForeign bond investment ¥-297.4B
Thursday, February 23   
05:00JapanCoincident Index 115.2
05:00JapanLeading Economic Index 105.2
07:00GermanyGfk Consumer Confidence Survey 10.2
07:00GermanyGross Domestic Product s.a (QoQ)0.40%0.40%
07:00GermanyGross Domestic Product w.d.a (YoY) 1.70%
07:00GermanyGross Domestic Product n.s.a (YoY)1.70%1.20%
07:45FranceBusiness Climate106106
08:00ItalyWage Inflation (YoY) 0.40%
08:00ItalyWage Inflation (MoM) 0%
n/aSwitzerlandIndustrial Production (QoQ) 0.40%
08:15SwitzerlandIndustrial Production (YoY) 6.60%
09:00ItalyRetail Sales s.a. (MoM) -0.70%
09:00ItalyRetail Sales n.s.a (YoY) 0.80%
n/aItaly10-y Bond Auction 2.37%
n/aItaly5-y Bond Auction 0.92%
n/aUK10-y Bond Auction 1.45%
11:00UKCBI Distributive Trades Survey - Realized (MoM) -8%
13:30USChicago Fed National Activity Index 0.14
13:30USInitial Jobless Claims 239K
13:30USContinuing Jobless Claims2.051M2.076M
13:35USFed's Lockhart speech   
14:00USHousing Price Index (MoM) 0.50%
15:30USEIA Natural Gas Storage change -114B
16:00USEIA Crude Oil Stocks change 9.527M
16:00USKansas Fed manufacturing activity 20
18:00US7-Year Note Auction 2.34%
Friday, February 24   
07:45FranceConsumer Confidence100100
09:00ItalyIndustrial Sales n.s.a. (YoY) 3.90%
09:00ItalyIndustrial Sales s.a. (MoM) 2.40%
09:00ItalyIndustrial Orders s.a (MoM) 1.50%
09:00ItalyIndustrial Orders n.s.a (YoY) 0.10%
09:30UKBBA Mortgage Approvals 43.228K
10:00ItalyConsumer Confidence109108.8
10:00ItalyBusiness Confidence105.1104.8
13:30CanadaBank of Canada Consumer Price Index Core (YoY) 1.60%
13:30CanadaBank of Canada Consumer Price Index Core (MoM) -0.30%
13:30CanadaConsumer Price Index (YoY) 1.50%
13:30CanadaConsumer Price Index - Core (MoM) 0.20%
13:30CanadaConsumer Price Index (MoM) -0.20%
15:00USMichigan Consumer Sentiment Index 95.7
15:00USNew Home Sales Change (MoM) -10.40%
15:00USNew Home Sales (MoM) 0.536M
18:00USBaker Hughes US Oil Rig Count  
20:30EUCFTC EUR NC net positions  
20:30USCFTC Gold NC net positions  
20:30USCFTC USD NC net positions  
20:30USCFTC Oil NC net positions  
20:30UKCFTC GBP NC net positions  
20:30JapanCFTC JPY NC net positions  
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