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NISA Fund Quickrank

This tool lets you screen and rank our database of ISA funds
  • Choose a Morningstar Category from the first pull-down list to see funds that are similar in investment strategy.
  • Choose a fund company from the Company Name drop-down list to see funds available from an investment manager.
  • Choose a Distribution Status from the relevant drop-down list.
  • Enter a phrase in the text field to see all funds with that word in their name.
  • Click Go to see the funds that meet your criteria.
  • Click a column heading to rank the display.
  • Click Performance, Portfolio, or Fees & Details to see additional data.
  • Roll your mouse over some data columns for further detail.

Short Term
Fees & Details
  Fund NameMorningstar
3 Yr
1611_CG Portfolio Fund plc AOther Inflation-Linked BondNot RatedNot Rated0.02-2.08
20UGS (UCITS) Funds TCW Unconstrained Plus Bond Strategy A USDUSD Flexible BondNot RatedNot Rated1.86-
2CG European Capital Growth Fund R EUR IncEurope ex-UK Large-Cap EquityNot Rated10.5920.10
2CG European Capital Growth Fund R GBP IncEurope ex-UK Large-Cap EquityNot RatedNot Rated11.13-
2CG European Income Fund R GBP IncEurope ex-UK Large-Cap EquityNot Rated12.3121.92
2CG Senhouse Southeast Asian Focus Fund Class R USD AccASEAN EquityNot Rated1.307.69
7IM AAP Adventurous A AccGBP Aggressive AllocationNot Rated11.9716.02
7IM AAP Adventurous A IncGBP Aggressive AllocationNot Rated11.9616.02
7IM AAP Adventurous C AccGBP Aggressive AllocationNot Rated12.1316.64
7IM AAP Adventurous C IncGBP Aggressive AllocationNot Rated12.1216.64
7IM AAP Adventurous D AccGBP Aggressive AllocationNot Rated11.8215.52
7IM AAP Adventurous D IncGBP Aggressive AllocationNot Rated11.8215.48
7IM AAP Adventurous S GBP AccGBP Aggressive AllocationNot RatedNot Rated12.23-
7IM AAP Adventurous S GBP IncGBP Aggressive AllocationNot RatedNot Rated12.22-
7IM AAP Balanced A AccGBP Moderate AllocationNot Rated7.7010.98
7IM AAP Balanced A IncGBP Moderate AllocationNot Rated7.7010.98
7IM AAP Balanced C AccGBP Moderate AllocationNot Rated7.8711.44
7IM AAP Balanced C IncGBP Moderate AllocationNot Rated7.8711.45
7IM AAP Balanced D AccGBP Moderate AllocationNot Rated7.5710.61
7IM AAP Balanced D IncGBP Moderate AllocationNot Rated7.5710.61
Total Results:
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Fund prices are updated every weekday after the close of trading and before 11 p.m. wherever possible. Performance figures are presented in British Sterling (GBP). Fund returns are based upon Nav to Nav or Bid to Bid income reinvested basis. UK-domiciled funds report after-tax dividends. Non-UK-domiciled funds report gross dividends.
Use the ISA ranking tool to find top-performing, highly rated funds for your ISA, NISA and Junior ISA. Search by fund provider, or use various other filters to rank ISA-eligible funds. Sort the results by Morningstar Category, Morningstar Rating, YTD return, performance and ongoing charge. After locating the best funds for your portfolio, review performance charts, read our research and add the funds to your online portfolio.