Comgest Growth Europe EUR Acc

Morningstar Rating™(Relative to Category)31/12/2018
 Morningstar ReturnMorningstar RiskMorningstar Rating™
3-YearAbove AverageAverage4 star
5-YearAbove AverageAverage4 star
10-YearAbove AverageBelow Average4 star
OverallAbove AverageAverage4 star
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1 Year Daily Volatility Chart (annualised)
  • Comgest Growth Europe EUR Acc
  • MSCI Europe Growth NR EUR
Volatility Measurements31/12/2018
3-Yr Std Dev12.02 %
3-Yr Mean Return9.08 %
3-Yr Sharpe Ratio0.69
Modern Portfolio Statistics31/12/201831/12/2018
 Standard IndexBest Fit Index
 MSCI Europe Growth NR EUR  MSCI Europe Growth NR EUR
3-Yr R-Squared85.1785.17
3-Yr Beta1.011.01
3-Yr Alpha1.711.71