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Most Actives
Sector prices
Company NameCurrent (p)Change (p)Net Vol (000's)
Lloyds Banking Group PLC68.99-0.01 39,013.59
Glencore PLC333.052.40 23,481.96
Vodafone Group PLC220.470.40 18,254.29
ITV PLC181.005.10 14,509.36
Barclays PLC210.851.20 14,106.58
Sage Group (The) PLC697.25-3.00 7,081.87
Centrica PLC202.550.50 6,823.61
BP PLC447.400.95 6,723.11
HSBC Holdings PLC751.55-4.70 6,632.29
BHP Billiton PLC1350.757.50 5,973.76
Sky PLC965.752.00 5,472.26
Taylor Wimpey PLC184.651.75 5,093.00
GKN PLC326.00-0.80 4,894.70
BT Group PLC311.124.58 4,837.72
GlaxoSmithKline PLC1564.25-21.50 4,639.09
National Grid PLC945.457.80 4,591.66
Tesco PLC175.501.50 4,407.00
British American Tobacco PLC5370.5088.00 3,832.80
Anglo American PLC1191.2520.00 3,653.81
Old Mutual PLC196.852.70 3,625.96

A list of the shares with the highest daily volume on the London Stock Exchange. See today’s heavily traded shares, filtered by the various FTSE indexes. Accompanied by current share price, daily change and traded share volume.